Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Design 0602-C1 - THEODORA

Construction of the 45’ LOA Yawl THEODORA is nearing completion at Ian Franklin Boat Builders in Christchurch, New Zealand. Built for short-handed family cruising off the East Coast of Australia, the yacht is based on S&S Design No. 602, REVONOC, a centerboard yawl originally built in 1945 at the Nevins yard on City Island, New York. THEODORA has the same Lines as the original design, but construction, systems and rig are all updated to modern standards.

The original design had a double planked (Honduras Mahogany over white Cedar) hull on steam bent white Oak frames. The new yacht will feature an epoxy glued combined strip planked and cold molded Kauri Pine hull laminate over laminated Kauri Pine frames.

Much of the interior layout of the new design is similar to the original. The original full beam galley aft was modified to a galley to port and a new navigation area with additional quarter berth aft, as it suited better the Client’s needs. The cockpit was slightly increased in size and layout to make room for the wheel steering and to allow for better seating, ergonomics and access to the winches. The wheel is mounted on a classic pedestal with binnacle.

The deck plan of THEODORA is much improved over REVONOC, designed for easy handling by a short-handed crew. An inner forestay with self tacking club jib is included for easy work to windward in a breeze. THEODORA will carry a suit of sails cut from the specially developed Cambria fabric by Doyle. All sails will be cut and assembled from narrow 18” panels, with classic corner look, stitching and finishing. The cream colored Cambria Dacron fabric will result in a classic appearance but with modern performance and durability.

Although based on a proven design from the forties, the new THEODORA will be a classic cruising yacht in her own right. As for the original 1945 design 0602, which was the base for this new yacht, S&S keeps all the drawings and technical files of the now 2760 designs in its archives. Most of the classic S&S designs are available and can be considered as a start for a new yacht for interested Owners.

Particulars for THEODORA

LOA 45’-3” (13.80 m)

LWL 32’ - 0” (9.75 m)

Bmax 12’ - 0” (3.65 m)

Draft – centerboard up 4’- 5" (1.34 m)

Draft – centerboard down 7’- 2" (2.20 m)


  1. May I suggest a design comparison ( including polar plots ) of Revenoc/Theodora with Loon, the design done for Dr. Pinchot ?

  2. Bonjour à tous,

    You done an absolutely super job (think, really it's wonderfull)

  3. Spotted Theodora today on the Gold Coast - the S&S design was obvious from a distance. Without doubt the best example I have ever seen. Just stunning. Words cannot describe a sailing yacht of this pedigree and quality.

  4. At Lucinda Bay, (against Moreton Island, Qld) just astern of us. Really have to ask .... have I ever seen a more glorious example of an S&S?
    A: I doubt it!