Friday, July 30, 2010

Design 2505 - 6-Meter Tempest Upgrade

The 6-meter Tempest was constructed in 1986 by Eric Goetz of Rhode Island. After her first owner sold her, she was used as a daysailer for a number of years through two owners. The boat was ultimately purchased and shipped to England. The new owner contacted us and discussed ways to make the boat more competitive.

It was decided to replace the outdated wing keel with a more contemporary design with higher aspect ratio foil and to replace the very large original wings with more efficient winglets. In addition the rudder would be replaced with a much higher aspect foil. In the following image one can see the out dated keel foil, the excessively large wings and the low aspect ratio rudder.

A new keel and winglets was designed and installed. The geometry can be seen as follows:

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