Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Design 773 - Huntington Class - 26' Sloop

The above image is of the shakedown sail for a 26' sloop, Sparkman & Stephens design #773 (note the snow in the background). We posted a short bit about this design in June (click here to follow the link), and as a follow up we have an original which has been fully restored and is sitting in a barn in Long Island (view listing here). This is one of those particularly special finds in our archives. The plans were penned by Al Mason when he worked with Sparkman & Stephens. The vintage is 1947. Al Mason was without question one of the finest draftsman in the business. Here's a copy of the construction plan which we include for your interest. Check out the lettering, all done free hand.

Here's an article from Yachting magazine circa 1948.

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  1. Bruce ... I have a photo of Mistral V1 , in Tasmania, which I understand is this design. It's mentioned in the article about Mistral V111 of which you have a picture on the Adventuress