Tuesday, July 20, 2010

J-Class - Ranger

Here are a couple of shots of super-J Ranger. The shot above is at her launching at the Bath Iron Works of Maine.The next succession of images are rarely seen views of Ranger's interior accommodations.

It is interesting to note that per the Conditions Governing Races for The America’s Cup, New York Yacht Club, 1937 cabin accommodations were required to include the following minimum fittings:
One double stateroom – with two bunks
Two single staterooms – with one bunk
Or, four single staterooms
Each with bureau, hanging locker, seat and individual skylight.
Two owner’s quarters toilet rooms with toilet, washbasin and door and the usual sea connections.
Main cabin with skylight and door at the forward end.
Skylight and hatch for galley and crew’s quarters.
The main cabin may be used for crew’s quarters.
Must have an icebox with a capacity of not less than 45 cubic feet.
Top of the icebox shall not be below the sole beams.
Water tank or tanks with minimum capacity of 400 gallons.
Adequate facility to berth and feed 85% of the paid crew.

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