Thursday, August 26, 2010

12-Meter Vim - Design 279

Images Courtesy of Beken of Cowes

This was the first 12-meter designed by the firm. The owner was Harold S. Vanderbilt, who had previously campaigned the J-Boat Ranger in 1937. The boat was shipped to England in 1939 and raced successfully winning 19 out of 28 races that year but World War II was to postpone any America's Cup racing. The twelves would only resume their America's Cup competition in 1958. By that time changes in the 12-meter rule would make her obsolete. She's still a beautiful boat.

Here are the plans.

The boat was extensively tank tested during the design process. In addition, the boat had a few innovative details such as a trim tab integral to her rudder, 2-speed winches and was the first 12-meter with an aluminum mast. The trim tab can be see in the rudder detail drawing below (click for larger image). The control mechanism for the tab was internal making a locally hollow rudder necessary.

Rudder Elevation

The boat was completely restored in 2003 and is currently for sale.

Principal Dimensions
LOA 70'-3"
LWL 45'-6"
Beam 11'-9"
Draft 8'-9"

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  1. Vim was Olin Stephen's third design after Nyala and Brig Cunninghams Northern Lights
    Far from obsolete in 1958 , restored by Capt Mathews and his sons , she almost defended the cup!
    Perhaps it is time for your yuppy staff to do a professional job and get your companies magnificent history correct!