Monday, August 30, 2010

1/4 Tonners

Design 2065 Sail Plan - 1/4 Tonner

We received the following note from a blog follower:

Your blog has recently shown a great variety of S & S designs. Could you review some of the quarter ton designs done by S & S (skipping the designs already mentioned on the blog publications section) ? I seem to recall a double chine 26' 1/4 ton which caught my eye. Thank you, Tom

Here's a short list of all 1/4-tonners from the firm (design, year, class, LOA):
2065, 1970, She 27 Class, 26.00'
2065-C1, 1971, Yankee 26 Class, 26.00'
2135, 1972, Northstar 500 Class, 24.98'
2135-C1, 1972, Kato Builders, 24.98'
2135-C2, 1972, Northstar 600 Class, 25.98'
2135-C3, 1972, Revised Northstar 500, 25.98'
2235, 1975, One-Off, 27.83'
2235-C1, 1975, One-Off, 27.83'
2271, 1975, One-Off, 21.42'
(Please note that when you see a "C-1" or "C-2" following the design number, that signifies a "copy" of a particular design)

Here are some more drawings and images of 1/4 tonners.

Design 2135 - Northstar 500

Design 2235 Sail Plan - 1/4 Tonner

So reader I am sorry to report but I can find no evidence of a 1/4 tonner with hard chines. Here's a typical 1/4 tonner Lines Plan which shows the shape.

Design 2065 Lines Plan

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  1. I have 1/4 tonner that I am parting out. I have the entire saiboat, sails and everything but the cabin cushions and the OB. If you are interested in any parts please contact me at
    email or 269-697-0577
    The boat is curently on a trailer in Southwest Michigan. I have sold the trailer and must part out the boat ASAP.