Tuesday, August 17, 2010

170' Ketch Nazenin V - A Matter of Scale

The construction of a 170' aluminum yacht is something most of us don't come across every day. I thought it might be interesting to illustrate a few steps along the way.

Here's a full scale section of the boat that was constructed by RMK prior to beginning in earnest. This was so that all parties would be satisfied with the construction method: we (the architects), the builders and the classification society, ABS (American Bureau of Shipping) who inspected and certified the construction.

Interior drawings were prepared by the interior designers, Redmond, Whiteley and Dixon. These were translated into artist renderings so the owner could envision the yacht and ultimately full scale samples were built for approval. Here's a typical rendering.

And here's a joinery sample built by the shipyard.

Finally the keel is laid.

Fast forwarding, the boat begins to take shape.

The boat was built upside down to a point and along the way the boat had to be righted. This required four massive cranes. If you notice the men in the image it puts things into perspective - she's big.

Finally a special cradle had to be designed and built to properly support the boat during launch. Launch condition weight was in the neighborhood of 750,000 lbs. They're the same principles we follow with any boat, it's just a matter of scale.

And she's launched.

Principal Dimensions
LOA 170.6'
LWL 134.5'
Beam 33.79'
Draft 14.76'
Air Draft 193.6'
Sail Area 10,754 ft2
Lightship Displacement 364 Long Tons

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