Friday, August 27, 2010

62' Commuter - Design 2673 - Linwood II

Here's a baby sister to design #61, Linwood. Linwood was built in 1934 and built by the Consolidated Shipbuilding, at Morris Heights, New York. Our client fell in love with that design and has asked us to create a boat based on her but with a more contemporary layout. The original boat was 77' overall and our client asked us to reduce the size to 62' overall, which we have done here maintaining the aesthetics as much as possible.

Here's the layout for the original.
General Arrangement Lower Deck

General Arrangement Main Deck

And a couple of images of the original.

Main Salon

Here's the arrangement of the new 62' version.

General Arrangement

Principal Dimensions (Linwood II)
LOA 62'-0"
LWL 59'-9"
Beam 15'-6"
Draft 4'-0"


  1. Bruce,

    I wonder if you are aware of Jessica Watson's visit to New York after Labour Day?

    I would be very surprised if she has not planned a visit to your office, if just to see the "birth place" of the boat that was her world for 7 months.

    I have been unable to find any information on public appearances. Simon & Schuster have her doing the rounds of the Cable networks, but apart from that ... ???

    After digging down through your website I eventually found mention of her voyage in the Oz S&S 34 club, but no where else.

    I guess you do not see her as a positive influence on your marketing!


  2. Hello Bruce,
    I am glad to see that you have a blog to showcase all the magnificent designs that S and S has done through the years. I have been through Manitou in Annapolis, and have been following the incredible voyage of Australian Jessica Watson on her S and S 34 "Pink Lady".
    Jess will be launching her book on Sept 7 in New York City. If you could do a post on the S and S 34 design to commemorate Jess's visit, our friends in Australia would be most grateful. They have the utmost respect for the design genious of the Stephens brothers. The S and S 34 is more popular than ever the world over, and still in production in Australia. A timeless yacht indeed!

    Annapolis, Maryland