Friday, August 27, 2010

Atlantique 50 - Design 2667

Pursuant to my posting of yesterday regarding the Passagemaker 60, here's a bit of background about the design. This is the Atlantique 50, a smaller version of the boat. The genesis of this project is interesting. The concept was the brainchild of one Vincent Maussett. Vincent can be described as the consummate tinkerer. Race cars, furniture, boats you name it; he's always thinking and sketching. Here's a race car he designed and built in the '70s.

Vincent came to us and asked us to take his sketches for this design and turn them into reality. Extensive design followed including a tank testing program.

Only 1 boat was built to this design. It was felt the 50' size was too limiting in terms of the interior. This boat is a 2 stateroom boat. It was decided to redesign the boat at 60', adding a third stateroom. In addition, the integral swim platform was added to the 60' version, increasing waterline length and prevention squatting which a canoe stern boat tends to do when pushed above displacement speed.

The company that built the boat was ultimately sold to Sea Spirit Yachts who has now developed a series of Passagemakers. In addition to the 60', the 50' design (now 51') has been retained for those looking for a smaller Passagemaker but the integral swim platform has been adopted for improved performance. Additional models include 55', 75' and 88' versions.

Check out Vincent's website by clicking here.

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