Monday, August 16, 2010

Blue Jay - Design 805

The brainchild of Drake Sparkman, who was very enthusiastic about junior sailing, the venerable Blue Jay has been built by amateurs and professionals alike since 1947. Generally designed for the home builder, we still offer a plan package which includes a set of construction plans, a class handbook and official sail number. According to our records, 7,315 boats have been built to the plans.

The 13'-6" Blue Jay is beautifully balanced, responsive and light enough for two people to load on a trailer. She is big and stable enough to make a fine family boat.

The following is such a great series of classic sailing photos we have decided to include them all. This looks like Pequot Yacht Club in Southport, Connecticut, which is a beautiful little sailing club.


  1. Before I lusted after women, I lusted for a Blue Jay. Never got one (Blue Jay) though I later owned several Lightnings.

    The bottom picture shows four Penguins off to a regatta. 1960: the heyday of one design sailing and the nadir of automobile design.

    Paul J. Nolan

  2. I just bought a BJ hull 7202. it's decent but could use more sail. It's too bad they don't make a genoa for this boat

  3. I am looking for plans Blue Jay and hope to build a few. Does anyone know where to turn to get plans and purchase/receive license to build and sell these?