Thursday, August 26, 2010

Design 1609 - Personnel Carrier

This personnel carrier named Lumba Lumba was designed for Caltex, a major petroleum company and launched in 1960. Constructed of aluminum by Paasch Marine in Erie, Pennsylvania, she was designed to carry 30 passengers in aircraft style seating plus 4 officers and 6 in crew. The officers had permanent quarters on-board in 2 cabins with lavatories while the crew cabins consisted of pipe cots and a shared head.

Incidentally, at some point there was a radio controlled model kit sold of this design. We have had an unusually large number of inquiries in recent days from people interested in building or restoring radio controlled models of this vessel.

Here are the plans.

Principal Dimensions
LOA 76'-8"
LWL 71'-8"
Beam 17'-4"
Draft 5'-4"
Displacement 126,450 lbs


  1. I was a passenger in the early 60s from Dumai, Indonesia to Singapore. I still remember the voyage. Advanced vessel for its time. My father worked for Caltex in Rumbai and Duri, Indonesia.


    1. Hello Rob,

      Do you have any pictures of Lumba Lumba from that time?

      Alan Hood

  2. I also was a passenger on the Lumba Lumba from Dumai to Singapore in the early '60's. Pretty sure I don't have any images.

    Like Mr. Briggs, my father worked for Caltex in Rumbai, Duri, then Minas.

    Interesting to me that the Lumba Lumba was considered worthy of modeling. Found a thread online detailing a gentleman's project to scratch build a model of the Lumba Lumba from plans published by Sterling Models.

    Bruce Glanville