Friday, August 13, 2010

Design 621 - Commuter Yacht Dauntless

This beautiful commuter yacht was designed for Laurance S. Rockefeller who used it to commute to work between Tarrytown and Manhattan in the mid '40s. The boat has a length overall of 66' and was powered by twin Packard PT-Boat engines generating 1,350 hp each which translated to a top speed of 40 knots. Not a bad way to get to work.

The boat was fairly luxurious. Here's an artist rendering of the interior. I suppose we have come a long way in the 60+ years since Dauntless was designed in our graphical capabilities.

Rendering of Main Salon

Here's the bad news. This falls under the heading "When bad things happen to good boats". Here's a shot of the boat taken recently down in the Caribbean islands.


  1. The boat was re powered after a fire scare by four detroit 6-71 deisel engines in the seventys.Un like the pt hull it was designed after this yacht was not wood at all but rivited aluminum sheets un heard of for the time.The full time crew was a cook named "Charlie" and a capitan named Tom Taxter who was my mothers uncle.The Yachts home port was on the hudson river at tarrytown yacht club where special fuel pumps were placed to supply 110 aviation fuel latter switched to deisel.Owning standard oil was a sad to see where it is now after living a past pamperd life..Puffcon6@aolom.c

    1. My son was conceived onboard this boat way back in 1978 in fort Meyers Florida


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