Monday, August 30, 2010

S&S 34 and Jessica Watson

Sir Edward Heath's Morning Cloud - S&S34
Winner Sydney to Hobard Race 1969

After some gentle nudging from our friends down under, we are here going to attempt to make amends for failing to congratulate Jessica Watson on her successful circumnavigation in her S&S34, design 1959, Ella's Pink Lady. Following in the footsteps of sailing greats such as Jon Sanders (1981), David Dicks (1996) and Jesse Martin (1999) Jessica certainly proved the naysayers wrong and successfully (and safely) completed her trip earlier this year.

We would sure like to credit her boat for her success but in the end it took not only guts but sailing skill to get the job done. Well done and congratulations!

Jessica, our contacts in Australia tell us you will be in New York early in September for the launch of your new book. We would be pleased to welcome you to our offices to perhaps have a look at the original plans for this great boat. You have an open invitation!

Sail Plan

Arrangement Plan

Lines Plan Perspective - S&S34 Mark I

Principal Dimensions
LOA 33'-6"
LWL 24'-2"
Beam 10'-1"
Draft 5'-10"


  1. Bruce,
    Thank you very much for making this great post. I'm sure Jess will be excited to read it and hear of the invite!

    Annapolis, Maryland

  2. We at Swarbrick & Swarbrick Yachts are so proud of Jessica and her achievements. The choice of vessel is so important for this type of voyage and with the S&S34'S track record there no other boat to do it in. The records held by Jon Sanders, David Dicks, Jessie Martin, Jessica Watson and most recently Jammie Dunross who has just smashed a handfull of disabled single handed records are increadible. These records have been set safely in a fantastic boat that is firstly well designed, seakindly and easly handled. Secondly is properly engineered and constructed. Thirdly well prepaired and extremely well sailed. Our congratulations to all who have been involved in helping these intrepid sailers to safely complete their dreams.
    Glenn Swarbrick
    Henderson, Western Australia

  3. Glenn,
    Thanks for your comments. Agree with your sentiments. Thanks for being a great client/builder.

  4. Richard,
    Thanks for giving us a nudge to post.
    Regards, Bruce

  5. Bruce,

    A huge "Onya mate!" and well said Richard.

    I guess I should have remembered the old adage about "more bees with honey than vinegar".


  6. it´s a shame all pictures are broken.