Thursday, August 12, 2010

Sparkman & Stephens - Burger Boat Motorsailer Series

Burger 150'

Sparkman & Stephens has developed three new motorsailers ranging from 90' to 150' for Burger Boat Company. These vessels draw from years of experience and will feature the latest in technology, state of the art innovation and Burger's high quality and reliability. The hull and deck will be fabricated in Alustar™ aluminum while the interiors will feature the high level of finish that Burger is known for. The interior design has been artfully created by the interior design firm Design Unlimited.

Heralding a return to traditional elegance with decidedly modern performance, these vessels will continue the proud heritage that was developed with the construction of the first Sparkman & Stephens designed aluminum yawl built by Burger Boat Company in 1957.

Sparkman & Stephens has a long history of motorsailer design and engineering; over fifty designed in 78 years, starting in 1933 with the design of Tamerlane and culminating with a string of very successful motorsailers including Osprey, Sea Angel, Freedom, Galileo, Astral, Mayslyph and Timoneer. These boats are still very active today, sailing the world over.

Burger 125'

Burger 90'

Principal Characteristics (Double Click to View)

Burger 150' 3D Computer Rendering

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