Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Sparkman & Stephens Type Plans

Type Plan D10 - Typical Dorade Vent Box

Over many years we have created a catalog of "type plans" which are typical details found on most yachts. These include details for construction, joinery, deck fittings, machinery, rigging and so on. The type plan above which details the construction and sizing of a Dorade vent box is but one example. many of these are outdated but are of interest. We have made these available via our website and they can be accessed here. Many we still use today such as the details of the skylight opener (see type plan number R58) and the skylight (see type plan number R26) as shown the following images. We hope you enjoy reviewing them.

Skylight Opener - Type Plan R58
Sailing Yacht Anna - 2007

Skylight - Type Plan R26
Sailing Yacht Anna - 2007

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