Monday, August 9, 2010

Update on Design #2758 - 25' Center Console

While in Maine last week I visited the Brooklin Boat Yard to check on progress with the 25' center console we have under construction there. The picture shown above shows the current status: hull is planked, faired, skeg and stern tube installed, structure is in and interior is going in now. This boat should launch in about 6 weeks.

Here are a couple of computer renderings of the completed boat (missing some cushions and deck details), generated from our 3D modeling program.


  1. I like it! Excellent hull design and I love center console boats with inboard power.

    What is the estimated cost of a finishied boat?

  2. Ed,

    Our best estimate is $250,000. We are working to confirm the price with the builder now.

    Bruce Johnson
    Sparkman & Stephens