Thursday, September 9, 2010

144' Minesweeper - Design 828

Minesweeper Alta

This wooden minesweeper was built in 1953 by Hodgdon Brothers/Goudy & Stevens of East Boothbay, Maine. She was in the service of the U.S. Navy for one year and then ownership transferred to the Belgian Navy where she served for twelve years. In 1966 ownership changed again to the Norwegian Navy. She was decommissioned in 1996 and is now a floating exhibit at the Oslo Maritime Cultural Center. She is occasionally called back into service for missions with the Navy. The boat was completely restored in 1997.

Here are the plans.

The hulls of these Sauda-Class minesweepers are completely non-magnetic. This means that in addition to having a wooden hull, all metal on board are non-magnetic such as copper, bronze or brass or non-magnetic steel.

There were ten boats in the Norwegian fleet, each named after a river in Norway.