Friday, September 17, 2010

S&S30 - Another Look

Would you be interested if we were to tell you we have developed a 30' cruising boat that will be available at reasonable cost? Here's another sneak peek. It's been 3 years in development. Coming soon.

Principal Dimensions
LOA 30'-6"
LWL 27'-3"
Beam 8'-3"
Draft 5'-6"


  1. Bruce,

    Interesting dimensions . Deep draft, very narrow, lots of waterline!


  2. This is the boat the Morris M-36 could have been... yet whereas the M-36 has a waterline deficit, this boat has a beam deficit! Give her at least 9' of beam, please! Better yet, 9'6"! She'll still be in the "moderate" to narrow realm. Waterline length, ends, cabin trunk profile, portlights are all pleasing. She should weigh ~8,600 to 9,400 lbs. 500 to 520 s.f. of sail area? You're sure on the right track here, S&S!