Friday, September 10, 2010

Tartan 41 - Design 2095

I took this shot of this nice looking Tartan 41 while sailing in Oyster Bay. That's Seawanhaka Corinthian Yacht Club in the background. The Tartan 41 is a great classic S&S design. The boat was designed predominantly as a race boat. Here are some Designer's Remarks from 1972 about the design (click for bigger image).

Here's a nice shot showing the underwater shape.

And the General Arrangement.

Principal Dimensions
LOA 40'-8"
LWL 32'-7"
Beam 12'-3"
Draft 6'-4" (Various keel options were available)


  1. I was always curious about the performance characteristics of the original design in comparison to the later deeper and heavier modified keel option; also, the single spreader rig versus the taller double spreader.

    1. I own a 1974 Tartan 43. It does not have a reverse transom. It has a wine glass shape. Is there a way to submit pictures and find out more information on the specific design.

    2. Sean- I also have a T43. As I'm sure you know it's the same design with the original transom. Demand was more for a reverse transom so Tartan plugged the mold, making only a few 43's. We have # 59 also a 1974. We have a centerboard not keel which was an S & S designed alteration and done by Tartan. Where are you located? Tim (