Tuesday, October 5, 2010

20' One Design - Design 256

This interesting design looks a lot like a Lightning but with a fixed keel. The cast iron keel looks like a Scheel keel. Here's the construction plan.

We don't know much about the design. The files are entitled Corinthian 20 Class. It obviously influenced the Lightning as this is design #256 and the Lightning is design #265, designed just half a year later.

Principal Dimensions
LOA 20'-2"
LWL 18'-0"
Beam 6'-4"
Draft 3'-4"


  1. Maine Know-It-AllMarch 4, 2012 at 12:50 PM

    Love this boat. I wonder what her displacement is? How much ballast does she have? Doesn't look much like a Scheel keel to me... just a relatively early bulb.

  2. The ballast weighs 925lbs and is of cast iron.

  3. Are plans for the Corinthian still available?

    Rick Pratt

  4. the boat was desiogned for the Texas Corinthian Yacht Club on galveston Bay. many were built and raced by the club.

    I owned and restored one in 1979.

    Rick Pratt, Director, Farley Boat Works, Port Aransas Texas