Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Design 54 - Landfall

This pretty yawl was designed in 1934 and built in Tasmania. One can easily see the influence of Dorade (design #7) and Stormy Weather (design #27) in her hull shape and how she fills the gap between these two early designs and Sonny (design #94) and Skylark (design #146), yet to be designed. Looking at the length/beam of these 5 designs, she's narrow; proportionally almost as narrow as Dorade.

Here are some study plans.

General Arrangement Plan

Sail Plan

And here's a nice article from the time. Double click for bigger view.

The boat is still actively sailed in and around Australia.

Principal Dimensions
LOA 44'-0"
LWL 32'-9"
Beam 9'-9"
Draft 6'6"


  1. A friend alerted me to this story, i have owned Landfall for about 15 years, i purchased her as a sloop with alloy spars and have kept this sail configuration, she now has all fibre standing rigging with furling systems on genoa and gennaker.
    The hull is original, some deck gear has moved position slightly and she has recently had a new engine fitted.
    The boat is very easy to sail single handed but i will be joined by 2 friends in February 2011 to sail her back down to Hobart for the Tasmanian Wooden Boat Show and the return trip to her home base in Bundeena, just south of Sydney
    mike strong

    1. hello all, my name is David Walters (wally) and my connection to landfall goes back to 1936 wen my late father Roy Walters sailed her back from Hobart , with the help of crew from the royal Brighton yacht club, I have been trying to find were she is because I have recently received some lovely good quality photos of her on the delivery and also sailing on port Philip bay . I have scanded in most of these photos but as I see this page I have the wrong usb with me. my old man sailed on her many times before the ww2 and he spoke of her a lot as two of his mates that sailed her across perished in ww2.also I was very good friends with the Linacre family how owned her then . I have a lovely hand painted photo that jack Linacre gave to all the delivery crew, whitch if I am contacted will gladly send via jpeg or hard copy ,the old man loved s&s desings I have recently been sailing on a s&s 36 and it was great , looking forward to hearing from you cheers Dave Walters 0418529300

  2. Mike,
    Good to hear from you. She's a beauty. Please send us some current images. We would love to have them for our files. If you send me your contact information to: bjohnson@sparkmanstephens.com I would be happy to send you a couple of S&S sailing caps.
    Regards from New York,
    Bruce Johnson

    1. hello Bruce ,thank you for this page ,as I have said to Mike my dad sailed on Landfall many times as well as the delivery trip ,and I have many photos of her in and out of the water, I didn't no she was so long ,we all love S&s yachts' and i am lucky to live in place were there are a few, hey would ya send me a few caps If send you some lovely photos of her ,wink wink ,I would be happy to send em anyhow ,I remember how proud dad was to have sailed on her and that's many times and also the great memories of her and his mates ,how many teenagers get to sail a delivery trip ,across bass st and on an s&s 44 wow ,I would love to hear back from you some time
      cheers Dave Walters dbwalters@hotmail.com 0418529300

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