Thursday, October 14, 2010

Olin Stephens on the Loft Floor

Here's a fairly rare shot of Olin on the loft floor (albeit a fuzzy image). This looks like the loft floor at Derecktor Shipyard in Mamaroneck.


  1. In this photo....
    Nils Halvorsen, Paul Coble, and Olin at the
    Minneford Yacht Yard, probably working on either Constellation or Intrepid's lines.
    Paul Coble as I understood at the time was a
    project manager, Nils Halvorsen was called out of retirement after about 50 years with Nevins, and of course Olin. Nils eye sight was beginning to fail but he was always right on the mark. Between the three you may not find a more talented group photographed together.

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