Thursday, December 30, 2010

Design 1 - Junior One Design Class of Long Island (Manhasset Bay One-Design)

In a small bay on the north shore of Long Island there is a quaint yacht club named the Manhasset Bay Yacht Club. And from this club sail 13 one design racing yachts, the first design commission of Sparkman & Stephens. Designed in 1928, she was Olin Stephens' first professional work, at age 20.

There's a great article from the 1996 September/October issue of Wooden Boat magazine and they recite a quote from Olin Stephens from 1928 as follows: "In any design, the most important factors of speed seem to be long sailing lines and large sail area, with moderate displacement and small wetted surface. Then comes beauty, by which is meant clean, fair, pleasing lines. Though per se beauty is not a factor of speed, the easiest boats to look at seem the easiest to drive". This is a fine example of these concepts.

Here are the plans.

Here is how it came to be: In 1928 the Junior Yacht Racing Association of Long Island Sound solicited designs for a new class of boats for sail training young sailors. The broker Drake Sparkman asked young Olin if he wanted to try his hand at a design, knowing Olin from Larchmont Yacht Club and knowing he was a budding designer. Olin accepted the invitation and the firm was born, October 28, 1929.

Here's an article from Yachting Magazine. Double click for readable view.

Principal Dimensions
LOA 21'-6"
LWL 15'-0"
Beam 5'-10"
Draft 3'6"

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