Friday, December 17, 2010

Design 638 - Holiday

Here's an unusual design, especially the broken sheer. This in conjunction with a fairly large pilothouse on a 42' yacht. She was launched in 1946.

Here's an article from Yachting Magazine about the boat.

And the general arrangement plan.

Principal Dimensions
LOA 42'-2"
LWL 32'-0"
Beam 11'-5"
Draft 6'-0"
Displacement 26,450 lbs


  1. Thanks for all the wonderful drawings Bruce......tiny comment on Holiday, launched 46 rather than 64 in your text......

  2. Those among us who came of age after fiberglass took over the yachting world missed one of the great pleasures of the wooden boat era: walking the docks. Whenever my family visited my grandmother in Toledo, Ohio my great uncle, Paul Bowers, a former WW I naval officer and a lifelong Lake Erie yachtsman would pick me up immediately after breakfast saying, "Are you ready to inspect the fleet?". You can bet I always was! We would tour every yacht club in town, walking every dock. Then we'd hit the boatyards. I never tired of it. Large or small, power or sail, we looked at and discussed nearly every boat in town. They were all different, all interesting, and much, much better looking than boats of today. Sadly, all that is now lost forever. As my father once said, "You see one Catalina 27, you've seen 'em all."

    Holiday (and what a wonderful name for this particular boat) is a fine example of a time when all boats had character and the phrase "character boat" was unheard of.

    Paul J. Nolan

  3. We are now the proud owners of Holiday. We have been restoring her slowly over the past many years and she should be ready to launch in the spring of 2018! She's a beauty- teak decks, mahogany trim, brass fixtures! Gorgeous! Looking forward to re-introducing her to Lake Michigan!

    1. I would love receiving news and pictures of your adventure in restoration! (As a Chicagoan, I cruised and raced the beautiful, clear waters of Lake Michigan for decades.)

      Paul J. Nolan