Friday, December 3, 2010

More on Dark Harbor 20 - Design 68

This is a follow up to my posting of September about the Dark Harbor 20. We have had so many inquiries about this design but the enthusiasm wanes the moment a potential builder learns there is no auxiliary.

I was reading the current issue of Maine, Boats & Harbors (issue 112) about the Artisan 30 which references a bunch of other boats such as the Herreshoff Buzzards Bay 15, Watch Hill 15, the B.B. Crowninshield 17.5 and the Dark Harbor 17. In the article there is a drawing of the Artisan boat along with an image of an older boat (one apparently from the above list of boats) with an engine sitting right in the middle of the cockpit.

In any event this inspired us once and for all to engineer the installation a diesel auxiliary in the Dark Harbor 20, which you will see illustrated above and below. The rendering above shows the installation in the fiberglass version of the Dark Harbor.

The engine is a Farymann 18W marine diesel which generates 7.1 hp at 3,600 rpm. The engine is slightly undersized and is meant as a "get home" engine. It's small and we have installed it in such a way that the engine enclosure is to act as a small table in the cabin. There is a 7 gallon fuel tank built into the same enclosure for simplicity.

Here's a plan showing all three views.

I think I should clarify that this modification has not been suggested nor sanctioned by the class, it is intended for those looking to build a boat to use as a beautiful, classic daysailer. Please feel free to contact us for more information.

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