Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Stellar Yachts 52 - Design 2682

The Stellar 52 was a development of the very successful Stephens 47, Queen Long 47, Hylas 49 and Stephens 50 hull form. Using a modified Stephens 50 hull mold the Stellar 52 was married to a newly designed and modernized deck. It's a shame the builder went out of business because it was a very popular boat.

The 52 had a fairly long keel with internal ballast and a skeg hung rudder as shown in the following illustration.

We then took the new deck and married it to a new and more modern hull, and re-designated Stellar 53 and design #2682-C1. Here's hull number 1 as she was delivered from the shipyard, having just arrived in Fort Lauderdale.

Note the new (external) bulb keel and spade rudder. Only one boat was built to this design before the builder closed down.

Before closing the builder asked us to design a 60' version of this boat, design #2683. Here's a profile rendering.

Four different interior arrangements were developed.

Principal Dimensions Stellar 52, 53 and 60
LOA 51'-9", 53'-0", 61'-6"
LWL 39'-0", 45'-9", 52'-11"
Beam 15'-4", 15'-4", 17'-0"
Draft 6'-0", 7'-0", 9'-0"

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