Monday, June 21, 2010

40M World Cruising Yacht

The timeless exterior styling of this world-class cruiser displays features that appeal to a wide range of yacht owners and admirers, with clean lines and a pleasing simplicity. Large working and lounging cockpit areas provide plenty of outdoor space for crew and guests to enjoy comfortably.

All deck equipment is powered by a robust hydraulic system, and centrally controlled from the port and starboard steering stations aft. The vessel is also well-equipped for outdoor activities - including a scuba diving station, lazarette garage, foredeck dinghy well, and powered fold-down transom and swimming platform.

75m Three-Masted Schooner

Throughout the venerable eighty-year history of Sparkman & Stephens, less than a dozen yachts have been designed with a schooner rig; however, those that have been have led illustrious lives - such as Brilliant, So Fong, and Santana.

A desire for ease of handling directed most clients to sloops, ketches and yawls. Today, modern technology allows a schooner rig to be handled as easily as a sloop. Computer-controlled furling booms, hydraulic roller furling head, fisherman sails, and lightweight spars contribute to the ease of operating the intricate set of sails inherent in the schooner rig.

Maiden Trip for Masquerade