Friday, July 30, 2010

Evolution of the Sparkman & Stephens Logo

If you ever want to create a stir simply consider changing your company logo! Here's a brief history of the development of our company logo which I hope will clarify how we arrived at our current logo.

The original Sparkman & Stephens logo was in place from the inception of the company in 1929 until about 1980. It was the full company name spelled out in a classical font with a much smaller incorporated below. It was then company policy to always spell out the company name fully (and never use simply S&S). Here it is.

When Rod and then Olin Stephens retired in 1980 the younger management wanted to make their mark on the company and hired a marketing firm who developed the S&S logo that was in use for many years.

In 2004 a special 75th Anniversary logo was used with signal flags signifying "75".

In 2008 we went back to our roots and made it a policy to spell out the entire company name, incorporating it with the S&S logo.

We then felt that the name along with the logo with initials was redundant and that S&S was such a common logo in general that we should do something unique. In the marine industry alone we have S&S Fabrics and S&S Propeller to name but just two similar logos. Wouldn't we be better off using a universal maritime symbol, the anchor, so that a recipient of a letter or email would immediately know we were a marine related business? In addition we looked back to Rod and Olin's personal signal flag and out of respect inserted their seahorse into the shank of the anchor. Here's their signal flag.

The new and current logo was born.

And we have a variant (used when appropriate).

Meet our Design Group

Photo Courtesy of Yachting Magazine

From left to right: David Facente, Adam Guttenplan, Daniela Abbott (Newport Office), Jason Black, Bruce Johnson, Frederic De Clercq and Brendan Abbott (Newport Office). Missing is Jeff Grey (Newport Office). Jeff is generally on the road dealing with customers boats and refits in addition to being a yacht broker.

Jeff Grey

Design 2505 - 6-Meter Tempest Upgrade

The 6-meter Tempest was constructed in 1986 by Eric Goetz of Rhode Island. After her first owner sold her, she was used as a daysailer for a number of years through two owners. The boat was ultimately purchased and shipped to England. The new owner contacted us and discussed ways to make the boat more competitive.

It was decided to replace the outdated wing keel with a more contemporary design with higher aspect ratio foil and to replace the very large original wings with more efficient winglets. In addition the rudder would be replaced with a much higher aspect foil. In the following image one can see the out dated keel foil, the excessively large wings and the low aspect ratio rudder.

A new keel and winglets was designed and installed. The geometry can be seen as follows:

Thursday, July 29, 2010

56-Meter Explorer Yacht

Here's an ultra-modern yacht for world wide exploring at any latitude. Enormous capacity for auxiliary boats, submarine, work rooms and stores. The design features an ingenious split-level arrangement.

Principal Characteristics

LOA – 56m LWL – 55.5m Bmax – 11m Draft – 3.5m

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

For Sale: S&S Design No. 99 MANITOU

When John F. Kennedy was elected President, the Presidential yacht was a 92’ powerboat. Although he changed her name to “HONEY FITZ” in honor of his grandfather, the President was a sailor at heart and sent naval aide, John Tazwell, in search of a suitable sailboat for Presidential use. With her good looks and pedigree, MANITOU was quickly selected. She was brought to Chesapeake Bay and fitted with all the proper radios and communication equipment so the President would never be out of touch with his office or even the Kremlin while on board. Jack Kennedy used her often there and in New England.

In 1936 Mr. James Lowe of Grand Rapids, Michigan, commissioned the young Naval Architect, Olin Stephens, to design him a boat that could win the Chicago-Mackinac Race. Launched in 1937, MANITOU fulfilled the owner’s desires breaking the elapsed time record and winning the 1938 Chicago- Mackinac Race and also winning handily on corrected time. She was second across the line in 1939 and first again in 1940 and 41. When Mr. Lowe was commissioned in the U.S. Navy in the summer of 1942, the MANITOU moved on. In 1956 she was donated to the U.S. Coast Guard Academy where she was used to teach the cadets seamanship, sailing and how to work together as a crew. It was there she came to the attention of Tazwell and JFK.

In 1968, MANITOU was sold at auction to the Harry Lundeburg School of Seamanship which is run by the Seafarer’s International Union and its then strong leader, Paul Hall. Aristotle Onassis, who was about to marry Jackie Kennedy in October 1968, sought to buy MANITOU at any price. Long a proponent of the common man, Mr. Hall refused all offers, saying he wanted to keep her to teach less privileged young people about boats.

In 1999, MANITOU was purchased by the granddaughter of James Lowe, and was taken to Chesapeake Marine Railway in Deltaville, Virginia not far from Solomons Island where she was built and has undergone a major refit that will prolong her sailing career for many years to come. Great pain was taken to keep her as original with butternut paneling and use of all the old hardware that was still with the boat. Due to the birth of triplets in 2001 there has been a necessary change in plans and MANITOU is now for sale. There is still some work to be done on the rigs and the interior need soft goods and some finishing details, but the major work has been done.

LOA 62’ LWL 44’ Beam 13’9” Draft 8’9”

Click here to see the listing for MANITOU.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Design 1862 - 8-Meter for Sale

Built by Minneford Yacht Yard in 1967 to compete for the Canada Cup, she is a "modern" in excellent condition. (Yes that's Olin Stephens in the Nantucket Red hat standing in the cockpit in the image above).

Iroquois is featured in the book about Sparkman & Stephens designs recently published by Franco Pace and John Lammerts van Beuren, Sparkman & Stephens; The Classic Modern Yacht. Generally she is a scaled down version of the America's Cup winner Intrepid. This book contains excellent pictures and other information regarding Iroquois.

Click here to see the listing for Iroquois: www.yachtworld_listing.

Principal Dimensions
Length Overall 46'-0"
Length Waterline 31'-5"
Beam 8'-0"
Draft 6'-7"
Displacement 10,300 lbs

Monday, July 26, 2010

114' Aluminum Motoryacht

This classic looking motoryacht is currently on the drafting boards. She's 114' overall. Here we have tried something a little different: The deck house is constructed of riveted and brushed aluminum similar to an old DC-3 aircraft, airstream trailer or the famous mahogany yacht Thunderbird of Lake Tahoe.

Douglas DC-3


Principal Characteristics
Length Overall 114'-0"
Length Waterline 98'-10"
Beam Maximum 22'-10"
Draft 6'-7"
Max Speed 29 knots
Cruise Speed 26 Knots

Please feel free to contact us for study plans.

Design 764 - More About 32' Powerboat

We've had a lot of inquiries regarding the 32' powerboat we've been promoting. The original design was done in '47 but in our view she's timeless in style. Here's the original layout:

We've drawn a number of alternate layouts: with 2 cabins, separate showers, an island berth. The various arrangements can be seen here (click for bigger images):

We're currently talking to a number of clients about building one and different folks want fiberglass and others want cold molded Epoxy construction. More to follow.