Friday, August 13, 2010

Morris Yachts M52 - Design 2727

The M52 was conceived as a big sister to the M-Series lineup. She's built with the philosophy of a daysailer but more than capable of cruising. Hull number 1 has been launched and the sailing performance can only be described as stunning, as are her classic looks.

She's got a beautiful raised panel Herreshoff interior, expertly executed by the joiner-men at Morris' Maine boat building facility.

Main Salon - Photo Credit Onne van der Wal

Owner's Stateroom - Photo Credit Onne van der Wal

The boat comes with a base price of approximately $1.325MUS, which is a lot of value compared to production boats of her class or the cost of a custom one-off. The boat is very powered up and comes delivered complete with all of the accoutrement one expects of a modern performance boat such as carbon rig, carbon spade rudder and bulb keel. Please feel to contact us for specifications, study plans and availability.

Principal Dimensions
LOA 52'-10"
LWL 37'-10"
Beam 13'-6"
Draft 5'-10"
1/2 Load Displacement 27,520 lbs
Air Draft 70'-0"

Design 621 - Commuter Yacht Dauntless

This beautiful commuter yacht was designed for Laurance S. Rockefeller who used it to commute to work between Tarrytown and Manhattan in the mid '40s. The boat has a length overall of 66' and was powered by twin Packard PT-Boat engines generating 1,350 hp each which translated to a top speed of 40 knots. Not a bad way to get to work.

The boat was fairly luxurious. Here's an artist rendering of the interior. I suppose we have come a long way in the 60+ years since Dauntless was designed in our graphical capabilities.

Rendering of Main Salon

Here's the bad news. This falls under the heading "When bad things happen to good boats". Here's a shot of the boat taken recently down in the Caribbean islands.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Sparkman & Stephens - Burger Boat Motorsailer Series

Burger 150'

Sparkman & Stephens has developed three new motorsailers ranging from 90' to 150' for Burger Boat Company. These vessels draw from years of experience and will feature the latest in technology, state of the art innovation and Burger's high quality and reliability. The hull and deck will be fabricated in Alustar™ aluminum while the interiors will feature the high level of finish that Burger is known for. The interior design has been artfully created by the interior design firm Design Unlimited.

Heralding a return to traditional elegance with decidedly modern performance, these vessels will continue the proud heritage that was developed with the construction of the first Sparkman & Stephens designed aluminum yawl built by Burger Boat Company in 1957.

Sparkman & Stephens has a long history of motorsailer design and engineering; over fifty designed in 78 years, starting in 1933 with the design of Tamerlane and culminating with a string of very successful motorsailers including Osprey, Sea Angel, Freedom, Galileo, Astral, Mayslyph and Timoneer. These boats are still very active today, sailing the world over.

Burger 125'

Burger 90'

Principal Characteristics (Double Click to View)

Burger 150' 3D Computer Rendering

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Design 59 - Schooner Santana

Of the limited number of schooners Sparkman & Stephens has designed through the years Santana is certainly one of the prettiest, the best performing and the most famous. Through various owners none was as famous as Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall.

There are a number of good articles written on the subject but it has been said that Bogart was so enamored of his boat that a model of Santana was on display at his funeral instead of a casket. Click here for a good video courtesy of Architectural Digest: video. Here's another good link: Click for link.

The boat is currently in California and in perfect condition, fully restored by her current owner.

Principal Characteristics
Year 1935
Builder Wilmington Boat Works
LOA 55'-2"
LWL 40 '-6"
Beam 12'-6"
Draft 7'-11"
Displacement 50,000 lbs

Design 2678-C1, 46' Cold Molded Sloop

We built a sister to design 2678 at Walsteds. Like many sister ships we customized the design for this particular client. The boat is a flush deck version with small deck house aft. The interior is what we in America would call Herreshoff style. The boat has slightly more ballast and an increased rig height.

Like her sister, the topsides are beautifully varnished. Here's a detail shot:

She's currently for sale. Please feel free to contact us for details, specifications and study plans.

Update on Design 2678 - 46' Sloop

We received a nice note from the owner of the 46' sloop built at Walsteds. He and his family have cruised north of the Artic Circle this summer. Here's a nice shot of the boat in a small fishing village in Norway. I note he has replaced the furling boom with a Park Avenue style carbon boom. Please also see my posting dated August 1.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Design 1976 - Puffin

Here's a shot of Puffin (III) I caught sitting at the town dock in Castine, Maine last week. She's design #1976, built by the Walsted Yard of Denmark in 1973. She was built as a yawl but has been converted to a sloop. She is now owned by Cabot Lyman of Lyman Morse Boatbuilders of Thomaston, Maine.

Principal Dimensions
LOA 47'-9"
LWL 33'-5 1/2"
Beam 12'-5 1/2"
Draft 7'-3"
Displacement 24,300 lbs

Monday, August 9, 2010

Update on Design #2758 - 25' Center Console

While in Maine last week I visited the Brooklin Boat Yard to check on progress with the 25' center console we have under construction there. The picture shown above shows the current status: hull is planked, faired, skeg and stern tube installed, structure is in and interior is going in now. This boat should launch in about 6 weeks.

Here are a couple of computer renderings of the completed boat (missing some cushions and deck details), generated from our 3D modeling program.

Customer Request - Comparison of Revonoc/Theodora to Loon


We received the following request from one of our blog followers: May I suggest a design comparison (including polar plots) of Revonoc/Theodora with Loon, the design done for Dr. Pinchot?

We can't provide the polars as we just simply haven't run VPPs on these two boats but here is a brief comparison:Revonoc/Theodora (Design #602) versus Loon (Design #1623).
Year 1945 versus 1961
LOA 45'-3 1/2" versus 45'-5 1/2"
LWL 32'-0" versus 30'-3 1/8"
Beam 12'-0" versus 11'-0"
Draft 4'-4 3/4" versus 6'-5"
Note Revonoc with centerboard down 7'-2 1/2" draft
Displacement 25,100 lbs versus 25,000 lbs
Construction material: wood versus aluminum

Although at first blush there are certainly similarities in the profile of the boats, the most significant difference is centerboard versus fixed keel.


Revonoc General Arrangement

Loon General Arrangement

45' Theodora Launched

After 2 years of meticulous construction, Theodora, (design #602-C1) has been launched in New Zealand. She is a sistership to Revonoc, built in 1945 by the Nevins Yard of City Island, New York.

The original plans were used as the basis of the design but were re-engineered for cold molded Epoxy construction. The deck plan was also modernized for modern sailing gear and the interior arrangement updated to reflect the owner's requirements.

I believe this is best described in an email we received from the builder, Ian Franklin:

From: Ian Franklin []
Sent: Sunday, August 08, 2010 12:30 AM
To: Frederic De Clercq
Cc: Bruce Johnson
Subject: Theodora

Hello Bruce and Frederic,

We sailed Theodora yesterday, in the rain, flat water and the breeze topped at 15 knots. I tell you it was nothing short of stunning. She sailed quite high, made very little lee way and was surprisingly stiff. I was blown away, it is a beautiful boat. If those old fellas that drew her are still around please give them my congratulations.

There was a Beneteau 48 or 50 hanging around with us and going to windward we lifted off him and footed faster and we sailed away from him down wind. She was really good, I might become a classic fan.

Best regards,
Ian Franklin
Ian Franklin Boat Builders Ltd
190 Maces Rd
PO Box 19668

11th Annual Castine Classic Race

Zwerver Just After Finish Line
Image Courtesy of Castine Yacht Club Race Committee

I just returned from a couple of great days racing classic sailboats in Penobscot Bay. I was sailing onboard Sparkman & Stephens design #1142, sailing yacht Zwerver. We don't yet have the official results for the Camden Classic or the Eggemoggin Reach Regatta but I can report on the Castine Classic. The race was socked in under heavy fog. We saw one or two boats during the entire 19nm race. Here's the official press release from the Castine Yacht Club. In all it was a great showing for Sparkman & Stephens boats:

Contact: David Bicks
Castine Yacht Club
(207) 326-8607

August 10,2010

Castine,Me.—Zwerver, the 57’ Sparkman & Stephens (S&S) designed sloop built in 1954 led the fleet in the Eleventh Annual Castine Classic Yacht Race to Camden sponsored by the Castine Yacht Club, continuing its success from 2009. Zwerver was sailed by Frans van Schaik of the Netherlands and a crew including Rob Brooks and Ben Rogers from Castine and S&S Chief Designer Bruce Johnson.

The Castine event kicked off three days of classic boat racing culminating in the Eggemoggin Reach Regatta.

Under a heavy fog shroud, the fleet of thirty two boats set sail in four classes from the Castine harbor bell on a 19.6nm course ending off Curtis Island in Camden. A light but steady southwest breeze failed to blow out the fog which persisted throughout the race, generally restricting visibility to under 200 feet. Despite these conditions, the entire fleet completed the course without incident, except for one foredeck crew on one of the yachts who went overboard and was rescued with the assistance of the 100’ schooner Summerwind sailed by the US Merchant Marine Academy.

Sailing in Classic A class, Zwerver beat Siren, the 45’ Sparkman & Stephens designed New York 32 skippered by Peter Cassidy, by thirteen minutes on corrected time. Falcon, another New York 32 skippered by Bob Scott, took third place, less than one minute behind Siren.

The Classic B class was led by Rogue, a 40’ Newport 29 sloop sailed by Seville Simonds. Rogue edged out Mermaid, a 46’ Sparkman & Stephens ketch skippered by Brooke Parish. Palawan, a 47’ Sparkman & Stephens yawl sailed by Scott Gazelle, took third.