Saturday, September 4, 2010

Zingaro - Design 2642

Here's Zingaro racing during the Newport Bucket a few years back. This shot was taken by Billy Black. She is built of aluminum by Derecktor Shipyards and launched in 2000.

It was an incredibly foggy race. Check out this shot, also by Billy.

The boat is now named Gitana and is navy blue.

Principal Dimensions
LOA 112'-0"
LWL 91'-11"
Beam 24'-9"
Draft 13'-0"

Morris Yachts M36 - Design 2706

Here's a nice shot of an M36 built by Morris Yachts sitting in Stamford Harbor. Please feel free to contact us for study plans, specs and pricing.

Principal Dimensions
LOA 36'-1"
LWL 25'-0"
Beam 10'-1"
Draft (Three keel drafts available) 4'-6", 5'-3" and 6'-6"
Displacement 8,900 lbs
Sail Area 558 sq ft

Even More Theodora - Decign 602-C1

Here's another nice image, taken by Mike Hunter, marine photographer.

Friday, September 3, 2010

More on Theodora - Design 602-C1

Check out this beautiful image we just received from the owner of Theodora. (See my previous posting on this subject). She will be featured in Boating New Zealand magazine in an upcoming issue. I believe that's who we need to thank for this image. Nice looking boat!

6-Meter Jill - Design 16

Here's the sail plan for the 6-meter Jill. The boat was designed for J. Seward Johnson who was one of the sons of the Johnson & Johnson founders. J. Seward Johnson was the founder of the Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute. For interest's sake, Johnson also had us design another 6-meter named Jack, design #30.

The purpose of my posting it here is that it is the only drawing by Olin J. Stephens, II that I have managed to find in the office. Double click on the image and zoom into the lower right and you will see the initials O.J.S. II. Olin never felt he was much of a draftsman and I believe he systematically tried to destroy any evidence of his drawing work.

Anyway it's Friday afternoon so here's a little anecdote: I was looking for a nice image of Jill. Here it is (the ONLY image of Jill I could find):

On the back of the photograph is the following story, written by designer Frank Kinney:

Design #16, a six-meter
for Seward Johnson, Esq.

The author was one of her crew in 1936, just by luck. Olin was expected to go but could not because of the loss of one of his designs by fire at that time. Pat Merle Smith invited me to be one of Jill's crew and I accepted and went to crew aboard her in the Firth of Clyde.

Phillip J. Roosevelt was our skipper. we won handily. We stayed at the Royal Clyde Yacht Club at Dunoon.

A funny thing happened one day when we were invited to a Lord's castle, it just so happened that I was seated at the table at the Lord's left. Just after all hands were seated the Lord said, "All right Kinney, now you can pass the soup". I jumped a bit and started looking around for the soup. Just then in comes the butler and passes a large soup bowl. It turned out that the butler's name was Kinney!

This is by the way just a little light touch.

Cute story right?

Jill has recently been rebuilt by Rockport Marine and is sailing again.

Jill Relaunch 2008
Images Courtesy Martha Coolidge

Principal Dimensions
LOA 36'-5"
LWL 23'-5"
Beam 6'-6"
Draft 5'-4"

More on Huntington Class Sloop - Design 773

We are getting a lot of inquiries regarding our posting about the 26' Huntington Class sloop. Here's a bit more information. These images are of an original that has been fully restored and is sitting on a barn on Long Island (and is for sale).

Here's a company prepared press release about this design:

Originally designed by S&S and built in Long Island in 1947, this one-design class filled the gap between small open racing classes active at the time and larger racing-cruising yachts on Long Island Sound. As a June 1947 article in Yachting magazine noted, this little sailboat “will make not only for a fine racing class but also daysailer and overnight cruiser. It will be a boat for the whole family to enjoy.”

In this new iteration, the design team at S&S has maintained the classic club racer styling and hull lines, with light displacement and low wetted surface, making it a speedy one-design class. Two alternatives are offered for the underwater appendages – the original full keel and attached rudder for the traditionalist, or a new fin keel and spade rudder configuration for the more competitive club racer. Construction method and scantlings have been updated for cold-molded construction, allowing the aesthetic appeal of exposed laminated wood beams below decks to add character throughout the cabin. Below deck, this club racer can accommodate two people for an overnight stay.

The sail plan is manageable by a crew of two while racing or cruising. Optional symmetrical and asymmetrical spinnaker gear also allows the owner to expand the sail inventory to his own comfort level. Deck hardware is kept to a minimum and optional teak trim on the toe rail and deckhouse make maintenance a breeze.

Here's the review from Yachting magazine from 1947 (double click for larger image) that we referenced:

Length Overall 26’-0”
Length Waterline 21’-3”
Beam 7’-0”
Draft 4’-7”
Sail Area 340 ft2
Displacement 4,740 lbs

60' Burger Motoryacht - Design 1146

How gorgeous is this boat? I love the name: ITLDO. Yes it certainly would. The year is 1954.

Principal Dimensions
LOA 59'-10"
LWL 56'-3"
Beam 15'-6"
Draft 4'-0"
Hull Material: Steel

Olin Stephens' Nod to Nathaniel Herreshoff

Olin J. Stephens II - (at 96 years old)
S&S 75th Anniversary 2004
Image Courtesy of Houpla Studios

Design No. 4 Sail Plan

I was with Olin one day very late in his life and someone asked him what his favorite design was. His reply was a New York 30. I almost fell off my chair thinking he would certainly mention Dorade, a New York 32 perhaps, Ranger? Not another designer's work! The New York 30-Class was designed by Nathaniel Herreshoff (and built by Herreshoff Manufacturing) for the New York Yacht Club in 1905. Here's a sail plan.

Sail Plan - NY30

The sail plan at the very top of this posting is design #4, designed in 1930. The similarity to the little row of windows in the deckhouse is hard to ignore. Olin's preference for a marconi rig is evident as is the omission of any sprit.

I was fully aware of the influence the designers Olin had worked with (and sailed against) had on his work such as Clinton Crane, John Alden and Starling Burgess but it was the first time I had heard him give such a strong endorsement of Cap'n Nat. Upon review of Olin's autobiography I do find reference to Herreshoff. In the second paragraph we find the following statement: "Of course, a sound engineering background has always been valuable, as demonstrated so well in the work of Nathaniel Herreshoff, whose ability with structures made him the greatest yacht designer of all time".

A number of these beautiful boats have been restored in recent years by yards such as Boothbay Harbor Shipyard.

Here's a nice shot of Alera, NY30#1 taken by professional marine photographer Benjamin Mendlowitz. She's currently on the brokerage boat market.

NY30 - Alera

Thursday, September 2, 2010

95' Aluminum Motorsailer - Valkyrie - Design 2615

Valkyre - Great Sound, Bermuda
On her maiden Voyage - 1996

This robust yet relatively simple motorsailer was launched by Derecktor Shipyards in 1996. She follows on the heels of a great series of Sparkman & Stephens motorsailers. She has cruised extensively on both American coasts. Now called Altair, the boat is currently for sale. Contact us for specs, plans and pricing.

General Arrangement Plan

Some interior images.

Main Salon

Master Cabin

Principal Dimensions
LOA 95'-6"
LWL 73'-0"
Beam 22'-6"
Draft 8'-6"
Sail Area 3,311 sq ft

Duckling - 11'-8" Sailing Dinghy - Design 681


The Duckling was designed primarily as an economical tender to be built by a boatyard or by a home builder; a good boat under sail with ample stability to lay at a mooring with the mast in without capsizing. The boat was designed to be light enough to be kept on a float if desired. She performs well under oars and with an outboard motor.

If you have ever seen a sail plan or general arrangement plan with a pram type dink on deck, this is exactly the type of design we have shown. This type can be seen in the arrangement below (Double click for larger image). This is Zwerver, design 1142.

Particulars for Duckling
LOA 11'-8"
Beam 4'-11"
Sail Area 72 sq ft

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

More on Jessica Watson - S&S 34

S&S 34 Setanta

To our friends Down Under: Jessica Watson will be stopping by our offices next week for a visit while she's in New York promoting her new book. We look forward to welcoming her. In addition to showing her the extensive plans for the S&S 34, we're also going to take her over to see the New York Yacht Club model room, which is about a half a block away. Thought you'd be interested.

Here's an interesting 2-page spread from Yachting World magazine, 1969.

Marguerite - Design 2639

All Images in This Post Courtesy of Onne van der Wal

This 92' classic ketch was built by the Vitters Shipyard of the Netherlands in 1999. She is constructed of aluminum with an aluminum superstructure. Her masts are of carbon fiber.

Her exquisite interior was designed by Redmond, Whiteley, Dixon and is a combination of high gloss walnut and painted surfaces. The arrangement includes three spacious guest staterooms plus crew accommodations for two. The master stateroom has direct access to a private owner's cockpit.

General Arrangement Plan

Here are some images of her interior.


Dining Salon


Principal Dimensions
LOA 91'-6"
LWL 68'-6"
Beam 19'-6"
Draft 8'-6"
Displacement 131,000 lbs
Sail Area 2,900 sq ft
Propulsion CAT 3116TA 255hp

Design 2587 - Sariyah - 130' Ketch

This impressive world-cruising ketch was designed and built in 1992. She is built of aluminum with a composite superstructure over an aluminum sub-deck. Of the line of large ketches that were designed and built in this time period including Freedom (design #2483), Galileo (design #2510), Venturosa (design #2529), Astral (design #2536), Maysylph (design #2550) and Timoneer (design #2575) she is unique with her clipper bow and figurehead. A great deal of design detail was created by us, including the figurehead which was designed in-house.

General Arrangement Plan

Main Salon


Principal Dimensions
LOA 130'-0"
LWL 95'-0"
Beam 26'-0"
Draft 11'-0"

Pelican - Design 289


How funky is this boat? I love it. She's a centerboarder and the first boat to be built at the new Jakobson Shipyard when they moved over to Oyster Bay in 1939. The yard had to move from Brooklyn due to eminent domain (the land was seized for construction of a highway).

The fully flush self bailing cockpit is interesting and was probably the cause of the fairly high freeboard. So too was the full standing headroom in the galley area.

Please note the initials on the drawings: R.A.S. for Roderick Stephens, Jr. (draftsman).

General Arrangement & Inboard Profile

Sail Plan

Principal Dimensions
LOA 29'-6"
LWL 23'-0"
Beam 9'-1"
Draft 2'-1"

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

More on Sparkman & Stephens and Derecktor Shipyards

Windrose in New Zealand

Regarding my posting of August 20 regarding Sparkman & Stephens yachts built by Derecktor Shipyards, here's another I failed to include. She's Windrose, design #1346 built in 1958. That makes 35 yachts built by Derecktor. Note the unusual clipper boat (for S&S that is).

General Arrangement Plan

Sail Plan

The boat is currently on the brokerage market. Click here to see the listing.

Principal Dimensions
LOA 47'-10"
LWL 32'-0"
Beam 11'-6"
Draft 6'-8"

Sailing Yacht Tempest - Design 2142

Here's an absolute beauty of a boat: sailing yacht Tempest. Designed in 1974 for an experienced sailor as an offshore racing boat, she was built of aluminum by Palmer Johnson Yachts of Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin. She was designed to the be the largest yacht possible to rate within the 70-foot I.O.R. limit.

The boat was competitive from the get-go, finishing second boat-for-boat in the 1976 Bermuda Race right out of the box. The boat has had a very successful racing career. The boat held the Vineyard Race record for 20 years.

General Arrangement Plan - Original Configuration

The boat was completely refit in 2000 including installation of a carbon spar package and modifications to create a more cruising oriented interior layout. Recent race winnings include a bullet for the Daimler Chrysler North Atlantic Challenge in 2003.

Principal Dimensions
LOA 79'-6"
LWL 63'-0"
Beam 16'-11"
Draft 11'-9"
Sail Area 2,628 sq ft
Displacement 90,010 lbs
Ballast 40,000 lbs

Sparkman & Stephens Type Plans

Type Plan D10 - Typical Dorade Vent Box

Over many years we have created a catalog of "type plans" which are typical details found on most yachts. These include details for construction, joinery, deck fittings, machinery, rigging and so on. The type plan above which details the construction and sizing of a Dorade vent box is but one example. many of these are outdated but are of interest. We have made these available via our website and they can be accessed here. Many we still use today such as the details of the skylight opener (see type plan number R58) and the skylight (see type plan number R26) as shown the following images. We hope you enjoy reviewing them.

Skylight Opener - Type Plan R58
Sailing Yacht Anna - 2007

Skylight - Type Plan R26
Sailing Yacht Anna - 2007

Design 1991 - 200' Yacht Carrier

Here's another dream boat that didn't get built, but is an interesting study. It's a 200' "yacht carrier" as the title block suggests. The design was prepared for one Giovanni Agnelli, who was the head of the car manufacturing company FIAT. From the files we can see that a series of preliminary designs was prepared starting at 150' overall. This is the final design. The year was 1969.

Upon review of the General Arrangement you can see the inventory of boats included 2 Bertram 31s and a one-tonner sailing yacht + 2 Boston Whaler 17s. We couldn't resist replacing the Bertrams with our design 764 and the one-tonner with an M-36. This boat would make a fine looking yacht today.

General Arrangement & Inboard Profile

Principal Dimensions
LOA 200'-0"
LWL 180'-0"
Beam 34'-6"
Draft 10'-8"