Friday, October 1, 2010

Passagemaker 60 - Design 2719

Here's a brand spanking new Passagemaker 60 being loaded onto a barge in Mainland China for shipment to Hong Kong where she will be delivered to her new owner.

New York Classic Week - 2010

RORC Clubhouse on St. James Place, London

Just got in from London last night in the middle of the deluge. I went from the Monaco Yacht Show to London for a few days, staying at the Royal Ocean Racing Club in central London. This is a fantastic yacht club for sailors, the membership criteria being one has to have completed an ocean race of at least 500 nautical miles.

Today we are going racing in New York Harbor on Blackwatch (ex-Edlu II), design #218. This is part of New York Classic Week, sponsored by the Manhattan Sailing Club. The only issue today is we are still being hampered by the tropical storm that has effected the entire Eastern Seaboard. Today's race is from the Battery to the Verrazano Bridge and back. It will be wet but the good news is it should be fast.

Here's the general arrangement for Blackwatch.

And the sail plan.

This boat was the second Edlu designed for Rudy Schaefer, Jr. of Schaefer Brewing and launched in 1938, by Nevins of City Island.

Here's an article from the time.