Friday, November 19, 2010

Fairweather - Design 2707

Photo Credit: Billy Black

This beautiful 52' design was built by Lyman Morse and launched in 2004. Please see my previous posting for more information. She has been on the brokerage market and has just had a significant price reduction of -$250,000. She is now listed for $1,175,000. Please contact us for additional information.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Albin 46TE - Design 2732

The new Albin 46TE (Tournament Express) is constructed in Taiwan and delivered with twin Volvo IPS600 drives as standard. Here are some dockside images.

The engine compartment is very clean. Here's a shot of it.

And the general arrangement plan.

Principal Dimensions
LOA 45'-2"
LWL 40'-1"
Beam 14'-2"
Draft 2'-6"
Max Speed 35 knots
Cruise Speed 28 knots

Morris Yachts - M80

Further to my posting of yesterday regarding the new M65, here's a sneak peek at the new M80 from Morris Yachts. This model will further augment the line which will now include models M29, M36, M42, M52, M65 and M80. That's an impressive model line up. They're going to need a wider angle lens when they retake this image.

There are numerous general arrangements in development. Here's a cruising interior. The excerpts are simply replacements for the adjacent spaces.

The following is what we call an offshore arrangement, maximizing sea berths.

Finally here are a charter interior layout (top) as well as a simplified daysailer option (bottom).

Please contact us for further information.

Design 813 - Rennjolle

I sure wish I could find a picture of this 15 square meter sloop. This class certainly looks like the precursor to the Flying Dutchman. I really can't tell anything about this boat from the files other than the client was Eli Lilly. Looking at the date of the design (1948) this must have been designed for the grandson. Perhaps the mass production of penicillin helped pay for this boat.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Design 2371 - 87' Motoryacht

This attractive motoryacht was launched in 1980 by Palmer Johnson. She is powered by twin GM 12V-71TI diesels rated at 675hp each turning 36" four-bladed props for a top speed of 20 knots.

The interior arrangement is fairly conventional with three guest cabins aft each with private head. Crew accommodations are for two or three, depending on whether or not the captain has a roommate. There is a head for each crew cabin. In addition the crew has their own galley, direct access to the wheelhouse and engine room.

The boat carries 2,980 gallons of fuel and 980 gallons of fresh water.

Principal Dimensions
LOA 87'-5"
LWL 79'-0"
Beam 20'-8"
Draft 5'-10"
Displacement 114,377 lbs

Design 137 - White Cloud

Here's a pretty 60'er named White Cloud. Double click on the attached article from Yachting Magazine from 1937 to learn more about this design.

An interesting detail is the "flexible boom". I have not seen this on any other S&S boat other than Ranger. The boom is very thin and there are spreaders or vee struts port and starboard with a cable system and hand crank. The design allows one to induce curvature into the boom to match the shape of the sail.

Here's a stern shot of Ranger where you can see the system.

And here's a stern view of White Cloud which shows the same boom design at a smaller scale.

Principal Dimensions
LOA 60'-6"
LWL 42'-9"
Beam 13'-1"
Draft 8'-6"

More on Sparkman & Stephens 48' Classic - Design 2760

On July 2nd and July 3rd we posted information regarding a 48' classic along the lines of a downsized Anna, our design 2721. Anna is a 56' classic sloop that was launched in 2007. She was built by Brooklin Boat Yard and is a beautiful wooden boat.

Since her launch we have had a lot of interest from people wanting to build a sistership. However, building one is a ~$2,000,000 proposition and is not within the reach of many sailors.

The development of the S&S48 is as follows: Having just launched (see posting of September 10th) a 48' modern classic at Lyman Morse, we have taken advantage of the fact a high quality hull mold exists and have styled a deck in a similar fashion to Anna (and Stormy Weather, etc). As such we have developed a scaled down version of Anna.

Our earlier postings showed an interior layout in a daysailer configuration. Since that time we have developed an interior arrangement with some optional layouts as well. Please note that in the following general arrangement we show a 3 cabin boat. The excerpts are substitutions: if one wishes to have a separate shower (on port) then the port quarter cabin is lost, a separate shower is added as well as a pilot berth. If one wishes to have a bigger galley then the starboard quarter cabin is lost and a much improved galley is substituted.

We are anticipating serious cost savings due to the fact this is a much smaller boat and by using the existing hull tooling. For additional information please feel free to contact us.

Introducing Morris Yachts M65 - Design 2759

We are pleased to introduce the new M65, designed for and to be built by Morris Yachts as a continuation of their successful M-Series line of boats including the M29, M36, M42 and M52.

The boat is designed to appeal to sailors looking for a long-distance and/or weekend cruiser. Exterior styling of the M65 maintains the classic, graceful aesthetics of the rest of the M-Series.

Sailing functionality on deck follows the philosophy of the rest of the M-Series: as simple and user-friendly as possible, with powered winches and controls throughout, including captive main halyard winch and main sheet hydraulic trimming ram.

Below deck, two different layouts have been developed – with either three or four cabins. Here are the layouts.

Please feel free to contact us for additional information, or contact Morris Yachts directly.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

More on Phoenix - Design 145

Pursuant to my previous posting here's a recent running shot sent to us by the owner of Phoenix.

Phoenix - Design 145 - En Route to Maine

Phoenix at Her Launch, East River, NYC

The commuter yacht PHOENIX was designed by Sparkman & Stephens and built by Consolidated Shipbuilding in 1937. She is currently on a truck en route to Maine!

PHOENIX was one of several S&S/Consolidated commuters commissioned by E.E. Dickinson, the "Witch Hazel" magnate who like many industrialists of the time sped across Long Island Sound in this elegant yacht from his home in Connecticut to his office in the financial district of Manhattan.

PHOENIX has made her home in Southern California for the past 30 years but is bound for Boothbay Harbor Shipyard in Boothbay, Maine where under the experienced care of yard manager Eric Graves and his crew she will be stored for the winter during which time a comprehensive plan will be laid out to perform the necessary work to restore the boat.

Phoenix en Route

Recent survey shows the hull to be in good structural condition so that the majority of the work is expected to be focused on systems upgrades and cosmetics.

The boat is currently for sale. This is a unique opportunity to acquire one of the few remaining authentic commuters from a bygone era. For more information on this unique project and to make arrangements to see the boat upon her arrival please contact listing broker Jeff Grey from our Newport office. Click here for complete listing.

Contact info for Jeff:
Office: 401-847-5449
Mobile: 774-454-7638

Monday, November 15, 2010

53' Sport Fisherman - Design 357

This interesting design was designed in our "Boston Office" which was a short lived venture with K. Aage Nielsen in charge. She was designed in 1941 and built at the Quincy Adams Shipyard in Quincy, Massachusetts.

The boat, originally named Saga, was powered by twin GM 6-71s which produced 210hp each for a top speed of 12 knots.

Here is the general arrangement. Note the outside steering station which was no more than a box tacked on to the aft end of the deckhouse.

I like this fairly contemporary image. I can see it was signed by Olin Stephens, most likely at the owner's request.

Principal Dimensions
LOA 53'-2"
LWL 50'-9"
Beam 12'-10"
Draft 3'-7"