Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Design 1329 - Crusader Class

This new class of steel sailing yachts was designed in 1960 and built at the Westhaven Shipyard of Rotterdam, the Netherlands. In all of our marketing material she is drecribed as a "motorsailer" although she is clearly lacking the raised pilothouse one normally expects to see. I will assume the term is used here to describe a sailing yacht of heavy displacement with a moderate rig and an over-sized engine.

As described in the following article, the first boat was ordered by Robert Garland, a former partner of Sparkman & Stephens, yacht broker and company President. Please double click for larger, readable version.

Bob named his boat Turtle as the article states and that's an image of his boat at the top (and bottom) of this posting. Please check back soon for a further posting about Bob Garland.

Here are the plans.

Principal Dimensions
LOA 32'-6"
LWL 26'-6"
Beam 10'-10"
Draft 4'-6"
Displacement 19,200 lbs
Sail Area 563 sq ft


  1. I am delighted to see pictures of these fine ladies. While mine is on the hard I still get to see her out of my office window everyday.

  2. These are exquisite sail boats,I love the design and their performance under sail is not limited due to their displacement.I have been lucky enough to stumble onto two of them here where I live in Guatemala's Rio Dulce.Both of them were derelict and on the verge of being lost.We have managed to get one of them S/V "CULPRIT" ready to go and enjoy sailing with her almost everyday.The other s/v "THREE LIONS" has been stripped down to the hull and we are preparing to begin complete restoration.Both ships were made in Westhaven in the Netherlands,I have gone to see the shipyard recently and found that it no longer exits.I would love more information on the boat you are working on,hull number,name ect,as we have a shared passion and project.As there were only 6 made by the shipyard,I am thrilled to have a small piece of this maritime history,and proud to keep them alive.Their hull numbers are 3lions 77,and Culprit 133.What was the original name of your Lady,and where was she when you found her?Thank you for your information,Cheers and Happy Sailing!!

    1. hi Mavis.
      I would very much like to hear a bit more about your experiencees with this Vessel.
      stumbled across a hull in Holland...
      How do i get in contact with you?
      kind regards frederik

  3. Mavis,

    I believe Three Lions was owned by a couple on the Okeechobee Waterway in Florida for a number of years. Our neighbor here in Maine owned one named Misty back in the 70s.

  4. How do they sail? Just curious.

  5. They are truly a dream to sail.I have CULPRIT rigged as a cutter with an ample Staysail that can be Reefed,My main has 2 reefing points that are easy to set and shake.In no wind at all with Jib,Stay and Main she will make 4 knots happily.In a heavy gail with everything reefed down and no Jib she sits her course at a comfortable heel with little to no weather helm.The rig is balanced perfectly and it is a very comfortable boat to solo.I wish they would bring these back into production....M

  6. i have owned the misty since 1999.hull# 122 i believe. i bought her in noank conn.redid the deck and whole boat over 3 years.solo sailed trans atlantic in 2001. sailed all around northern europe and into the med for 5 years. she is sitting in a shipyard on the hard in portugal for 4 years now. steel got thin under head deck where i couldnt get it to paint,rusted from inside out.. i put newer perkins 4108 in after i couldnt get parts for the gearbox on the om 636. trying to give her to the right new owner.basiclly signed her over to the yard in villa real san atonia.on the rio guadiana. she sailed like a dream and held a course very well ,bigger wind the better.. original spruce mast and boom in good shape still, i ran a big fife schooner and made a whole suit of sails from 1 topsail.. i heard 2 crusaders were lost to fire in rotterdam,one got squished by a runaway barge in rotterdam... cant praise my misty enough.she deserves better than i can give her.

    1. I hope this site is still being watched by some of the Crusader Class owners. I bought one a year ago and am in the process of restoring her. The past names have been Knight Errant and Bastet. If anyone has any info about this boat I would love to hear it.

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  8. One for Sale in The Netherlands!
    Restoration project, an S & S Crusader in 1962, dimension 10x3.30x1.50. hull is largely recovered, the deck and the tub have yet to be done, it was wood, but may also be of steel or aluminum. otherwise very complete, fully reconditioned Mercedes om636 with ZF kk full set of new Dacron sails, all in bronze fittings, mast, boom, anchor utensils, etc. Come see obligation. http://www.marktplaats.nl/a/watersport-en-boten/kajuitzeilboten-en-zeiljachten/m892591099-sparkman-stephens-stalen-langkieler-s-spant.html?c=8c285449651fa109c354bbabe740c1b&previousPage=lr

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