Friday, January 14, 2011

Design 1749 - Heavens Above

This little open sailing yacht can best described as a character boat. The boat was designed for sailing on the lower Potomic River and the short chop and fluky winds found there. Although the article below describes an argument about whether she is a yawl or a ketch, to me she's clearly a yawl. Double click for readable view.

Here's a quote from her owner that I found in the files: "The little boat is performing spectacularly in all phases of design, performance and appearance; in the light weather, heavy, intermediate, under power, under sail, at anchor, single-handed or overcrowded: and is just one great delight".

Now how it came to be that this boat was built in Hong Kong is another matter...I sure wish we had a photograph of this boat.

Principal Dimensions
LOA 27'-11"
LWL 21'-3"
Beam 7'-10"
Draft 3'-10"
Displacement 4,608 lbs
Sail Area 382 sq ft


  1. Henry states clearly that she's a yawl. He's right, as are you.

  2. the hull is from design #773 hungington class with longer
    overhang ,yawl rig and reduced draft.