Monday, January 31, 2011

Design 238 - 6-Meter Djinn

We received the following comment from a blog follower: Isn't Design #238 the 6 meter the Henry S Morgan boat Djinn? This is true. Henry S. Morgan commissioned a 6-meter of the same name, shown here, as design 215 (see my posting of Wednesday, 26 January). She was built by Henry Nevins of City Island and launched in 1938. She was built alongside the 6-meter Goose. She is beautifully restored.

The term Djinn springs from mythical lore of Arab ancestry. I believe it was a creature that came from fire and could take any shape it so desired.

Here's the sail plan.

Principal Dimensions
LOA 36'-9"
LWL 23'-9"
Beam 5'-11"
Draft 5'-7"

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  1. Look for the S&S 6 metre designs Djinn, Llanoria, Great Dane (ex. Buzzy III), and the recently recreated Design 292 Nirvana at the International 6 Metre World Cup in Helsinki, August 5 - 12.