Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Design 2396 - Seguin Series 44' and 46'

Holimar - Hull #2

This successful semi-production yacht was built by Lyman Morse of Thomaston, Maine in the early 1980s. 14 boats were built from a common hull mold, although virtually all had customized deck configurations, rigs and interior arrangements.

Here is a typical interior arrangement with aft cockpit and "short house" (deckhouse ends before the mast).

And here are a couple of alternate layouts for a deckhouse configuration where the deckhouse is extended to just forward of the mast.

Here's a sail plan for a center cockpit version of the boat.

And here's the tall rig and short deckhouse sail plan.

The difference between the Seguin 44' and 46' was simply a reverse or traditional transom.

Lark - Hull #14

Principal Dimensions
LOA 43'-1" or 45'-10"
LWL 33'-7"
Beam 12'-10"
Draft 5'-3" (with centerboard), 6'-3" or 7'-9" Options
Displacement 27,400 lbs

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