Friday, January 14, 2011

More About Design 2533 - 247' 3-Masted Schooner

As a follow up to my posting of June 21, 2010 I thought I would provide a bit more detail about this design and it's development. This design was developed for William E. Simon, former Secretary of the Treasury under presidents Nixon and Ford.

Mr. Simon already owned a Sparkman & Stephens designed motorsailer, Freedom, the 124' ketch built by Picchiotti of Italy (design #2483).

The 3-masted schooner as shown above was first developed with a 180' waterline. This was to be a world cruising yacht with expeditions to the far corners of the globe in mind. Here are the plans as developed.

The boat was then increased in size to a waterline of 192'. The profile as shown above was changed significantly (and refined) and the result is as shown below.

Mr. Simon's interest was soon directed at another project, the ocean going tugboat conversion, Itasca, and the subsequent crossing of the Northwest Passage. See my previous posting on this subject by clicking here. Due to age and health Itasca would be his last boat.

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  1. I think we call the top rig a staysail schooner. Is there a name for the bottom rig, and do we know what advantages/drawbacks therer are to each sailplan?