Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Onaire III - Design 207

This is one of those designs we don't know that much about. Part of the problem is that a number of the plans have gone missing. We do know she was built in 1940 by the Herreshoff Manufacturing Company of Bristol, Rhode Island.

Here is the general arrangement plan. It's a fantastic arrangement.

The sail plan is one of the plans that has gone missing. We pulled this one from an old microfiche file we had (so it's not a great image).

We did receive an email from the current owner who said he was completely restoring the boat in Honduras. She was to be used as a daily excursion vessel for hire. He sent the following image.

Principle Dimensions
LOA 61'-10"
LWL 44'-0"
Beam 14'-8"
Draft 6'-6"


  1. The boat was built for Walter Todd of Rochester NY and sold to Alexander Beebee, also of Rochester, around 1967. I crewed on her the summer of 1969 out of Rochester Yacht Club. Beebee moved her to Maine, in the late 70s or early 80s and sold her.

  2. I also crewed on Onaire. I credited Alex with helping me maintain sanity while an undergraduate student in Rochester. Just polishing her brightwork or sailing with Alex was calming to the spirit. I was very fortunate to have had time on her decks from 77-81. I thought she was sold around 87-88 to a couple chartering in the Caribbean.

  3. I have several pictures of ONAIRE III. If you are interested contact me at The plans and building instructions for ONAIRE III are the Herrshof Museum in Bristol RI. I owned ONAIRE from 1982 to 2000. Dave Kellems.

    1. Hi David,
      So you must have purchased the ONAIRE III from Mr. Beebee? I used to crew for Mr. Beebee around 1971-1972 on Lake Ontario. Her port was Charlotte. She was a beauty, and yes, I do recall the aft boom as being literally a pain in the neck, but once we were out on the Lake, she was a sight and an experience to behold!If you have any pictures to share, I would love to see them. Thank you the info you shared on her.
      Maryanne Embury

  4. ONAIRE III was originaly designed as a ketch and would have been a very powerful. For some reason the rig was changed after the hull was built as the gripes for the mizzen mast can bee seen in the bunks in the owners cabin. As a sloop more boom and sail area was added to the Main Sail. This made her a bear to sail off shore. She did not have enough jib sail to balence the en larged main sail. The mast was to far forward to be a sloop. I sailed ONAIRE thousands of miles off shore and had knew all her quirks, faults and design mistakes. Dave Kellems

  5. Hi,
    I am trying to find the current owner of this yacht...
    Anybody knows anything that might be helpful?

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  6. Hi my name is Robert B. Reichman and I am the owner of ONAIRE III. My emailadress: Regards