Saturday, February 19, 2011

Design 1797 - Namis

This 45' length overall sloop was built in aluminum by Derecktor Shipyard and launched in 1965. She was designed as a racing yacht, rated under the C.C.A. Rule, with a predisposition for light airs and as such weight savings were considered. Her interior is minimalist but adequate for a racing crew. Namis made her home port in Chicago, Illinois.

This is the second boat built by Derecktor to this design. Here are the plans.

Principal Dimensions
LOA 44'-9"
LWL 31'-6"
Beam 10'-9"
Draft 6'-7"
Displacement 20,231 lbs
Saill Area 860 sq ft
Ballast 9,100 lbs

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  1. It's sad to realize all the effort and expense of designing and building such a fine yacht only to see her destroyed for racing purposes a few years later when the CCA rule was thrown out for the IOR rule. This occurred, in my opinion, largely because of Bob Bavier's incessant tub-thumping for the IOR. The change in rules was beneficial for designers, builders, sailmakers, and the dozen or so men in the country who were interested in racing internationally. Not so good for the thousands of owners of wonderful CCA boats.

    Paul J. Nolan