Friday, February 18, 2011

Design 2008 - Sagitta 35

This handsome production yacht was built by the Sagitta Boat Company of Svendborg, Denmark in the early 1970s. She is a lovely racer-cruiser. Construction is solid skin fiberglass laminate with longitudinal stringers and a balsa cored deck.

Here are the plans.

Here's a peek at the underbody.

Thanks to the owner who sent these nice images.

Principal Dimensions
LOA 34'-6"
LWL 25'-6"
Beam 10'-0"
Draft 6'-0"
Displacement 10,210 lbs


  1. I sure do like this boat. She's a boat I think you should update! New keel with small bulb, new spade w/o skeg, and new cabin trunk without doghouse break, ending just a tad further aft. Put the head all the way forward, with the toilet on centerline forward, with his and her sinks, port and starboard. That would enable you to move the main bulkhead forward a few inches, and enlarge the main cabin slightly. Eliminate the quarter berth, and use that space for additional storage and chart table seat. Put in double sinks facing forward. Make a big convertible double where one of the settees is. I'd have her built her in Maine.

    1. Hi,
      I was really pleased when I read your comment. My family has owned 'Tiny Tin Two' since 1975, and I agree with you: This design is definitely worth an upgrade. We have constantly modified her, installing rod rigging, a new engine and propeller as well as some structural reinforcements. In case you need more information or photos let me know.
      Best regards,
      Peter Jars

    2. Peter are you still around regarding reinforcements and mods

  2. Peter,
    Your boat looks absolutely stunning. I have an S&S 30 (design 2014) which is a beautiful little boat and looks extremely similar in hull shape to yours and would be an excellent next step up. How many were there built? Do you feel that they have been built to last, so far as hull and deck strength and osmosis? Our S&S is too short in the forepeak for a double berth - is your forepeak sufficiently large for a decent double berth?
    Gill (

  3. The plans above are NOT a Sagitta 35. The engine in a Sagitta 35 is placed behind the stairs - under the cockpit. It is a fantastic boat by the way.

  4. Lovely boat... just got my hands at one this spring

  5. It's really a plan of SAGITTA 35 there were several shipyards who built this wonderful boat
    the first SAGITTA 35 were built in southern England in 1969, there were also 35 IMPALA built in Italy, BIANCA YACHTS then built the last SAGITTA including MK III Version
    Originally the engine was positioned at the center of gravity of the boat and it was then slipped backward for save space inside

  6. I cannot open the plans, and if I zoom in then they are blurred ? Does this bost have lead or iron keel ?

  7. Very interested in a readable copy of the plans here, too.

    Has this boat been built with different rig options? Consider buying one with a mast that measures 14m top to foot, (1145 in P-dimension) which is considerably shorter then listed on Also a full set of rivets just above the spreaders, so potentially a fixed broken rig?
    Also, anyone have details on how to take the rudder off to change the bearings? Is the lower bearing bolted to the skeg in some way (hidden by glass and antifouling)?

  8. This boat as been built with 2 different rigs, I own one with the short mast, a tall rig was also proposed by Bianca yachts, with 70cm higher mast
    The full set of rivets just above the spreaders is a standard construction for this Proctor mast, as they were unable to make a one piece mast
    For the rudder you will need to access to the bolts which are covered with GRP inside the boat, over the skeg, that will allow to separate the skeg and then remove the rudder
    Hope that will help you