Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Design 1068 - Nevins Yawl

Golliwog - Hull #1
Owned by Sail Maker Colin Ratsey

This pretty little centerboarder is so very typical of the period. The design was developed for Nevins to be built as a series production run for efficiency of construction (and cost savings as a result). 13 boats were built by Nevins to this design between 1955-1960. Not a bad run.

Hull #10 - Cythlen
Owned by Briggs Cunningham

Here are the plans.

Here is Indigo (hull #4) nearing completion at Nevins.

And finally here are a few interior shots of Bonne Amie (hull #2).

Bonne Amie As New

Principal Characteristics
LOA 40'-0"
LWL 27'-6"
Beam 11'-3"
Draft 3'-11" (board up) 7'-7" (board down)
Displacement 18,620 lbs
Ballast 5,635 lbs
Sail Area 739 sq ft

Bonne Amie - Hull #2


  1. I'm the current owner of "Jessamyn Rose" ex Brer Fox, ex Indigo. She's been under restoration for four years, but hope to get her in the water this summer. I've owned her since 1985, mainly sailing in Maine.
    Stephen Olson

    1. Stephen,
      Craig Eney here. My father Irv Eney, MD purchased "Indigo" from Scrubby Wellman and renamed her Brer Fox. I grew up in Miami crew Brer Fox for my father durring the SORC days of the 60's until he sold her to Bill Stone in Annapolis, which is where I reside now. Lots of fond memories of her and many photos under sail! Would love to see a current photo or two! Hope to hear back and hope she is sailing Maine proudly.
      Craig Eney

    2. Hello Stephen,
      I hope she is doing well under your hand. I bought her from Bill Stone around 78 and only sailed her one season before beginning her refit. I've never tried to find out about her until now. It's great to here that your getting along with her. Brer Fox is a great boat. I still miss her. Good luck.
      Jake Flory

  2. My grandfather was Scrubby Wellman. Glad to know where she is. The best times of my life were spent aboard INDIGO.

  3. My grandfather was Scrubby Wellman. Glad to know where she is. The best times of my life were spent aboard INDIGO.

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  5. I have Diomede in all most original condition. She's a steel hull Nevins 40 yawl. Stanley Dunton built her on City Island. I'd love to put her next to one of her cousins to compare.Are there any left on Long Island sound?

  6. I owned a series A yawl from 77 til 87. Named her Chesapeake and lived aboard for 9 years in Annapolis, the Virgins and Maine. Sold her to the Dressy family in Chappaquidic and I know they cared for her well as Halcyon. Great memories of a great boat!

  7. I'm sailing Diomede back to Cape Cod from Long Island Sound in May. I'll look for Halcyon. I just moved back to the Cape. I also have lived aboard for 9 years. Best years of my life!