Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Design 1150 - Venturer

This big beauty was built by the Henry Hinckley & Co. yard of Maine, and launched in 1956. The only image of the complete boat we have on hand is this newspaper clipping shown above. We have quite a few of her under construction such as the one below.

There have been numerous ownership changes over the years: ex-Venturer, ex-Northern Light, ex-Audacious and finally Windigo II. She is often described as a gold-plater.

Note the lack of jumpers in her sail plan. This is due to the aluminum main mast (built by Bath Iron Works) - all other spars are wood. Also note the big coffee grinders amidships in the image at the top.

Here are the plans.

Principal Dimensions
LOA 73'-3"
LWL 52'-6"
Beam 15'-5"
Draft 9'-6"
Displacement 94,000 lbs
Ballast 31,964 lbs (outside) 1,200 lbs (inside)
Sail Area 2,487 sq ft


  1. I'm searching for APLA 1150, and only got a hit on this article. Can you post some information about ALPA 1150, LOA: 11.64M.

    Regards /Joakim

  2. Joakim,
    Alpa 1150 is not an S&S design. The 1150 was designed by John H. Illingworth. It is a design that is often (incorrectly) attributed to Sparkman & Stephens.

  3. Hi Bruce! Sorry for late feedback, but thank's anyway. Did John work for S&S at this time, or how comes that it's (incorrectly) attributed to S&S?

  4. The newspaper photograph above of a cutter is not Venturer, which was a dark blue yawl as illustrated in the drawings. The photograph for #2055 is her. Lee Loomis bought her and renamed her Northern Light. I worked for him aboard her for one summer season and raced on her in the 1962 Bermuda Race, first boat to finish. Her size was the largest allowed to enter that race at that time, the same as the two famous yawls, Baruna and Bolero.

    Peter Parsons

  5. The picture above is Design 1150; she was named AUDACIOUS (x-VENTURER) during the 1960s and sailed by Al Cassel out of California. She was painted white at that time, and Cassel removed the mizzen mast. You are correct that one image under Design 2055 with sail # 354 is VENTURER.

  6. I worked on Windigo for four years in the late 80's. The picture above (sailing) is not Windigo. The doghouse is the same, there is no mizzen mast and Windigo's rig maybe started out with an aluminum mast only as stated above but all her spars were aluminum when I sailed her. The coffee grinders on that upper picture maybe confusing the clarification...let me explain. The lower picture of construction is without a doubt Windigo, I was her carpenter and I know that deck layout. The confusing part is...that the lower front to the doghouse with the large cowl on it was "removed" at some point before I worked on her and that is where the coffee grinder station was placed.

  7. Ken,
    Why you are most correct with the latter comments but I think the upper picture is the Windigo we sailed on as the various items of what was on board when I joined her in 87-88' are distinct ie the panama fairleads, the stern pushpit, deck house is the same, coffee grindersand mainsheep winch The mizzen is removed but I think thats the boat...
    remember the refit at Brewers when the headliner was removed and the carlines were exposed showing the framing for the forward lower coach roof, which was removed to place the coffee grinders and mainsheet winch. The boat now sits proudly in France, just down the road from me in Beaulieu Sur Mar......well looked after, buy no racing for her these days