Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Design 171 - Arrow Class

Developed prior to the Indian Harbor Arrow Class (design #739), this nice looking centerboarder is a completely different design by the same name. The boat was designed in 1937 and an initial order was placed with the Skaneateles Boat and Canoe Company by the Rumson Country Club of Rumson, New Jersey. The boat proved popular and other clubs around the Great South Bay (and elsewhere) placed orders.

Looks like it would make a perfectly lovely trailerable daysailer today.

Here are the plans. Notice the sail plan by Rod Stephens, Jr.

Principal Dimensions
LOA 21'-9"
LWL 18'-2"
Beam 6'-0"
Draft 2'-3" (board up)
Sail Area 180 sq ft


  1. Brilliant old boats. I sailed one for years at the Rumson Country Club. Sadly the entire fleet and the boathouse complex was destroyed by a hurricane some years ago,