Monday, March 21, 2011

Design 222 - Baruna

Here is another of the big ocean racing yawls - Baruna. This 72' sloop was built by the Quincy Adams Yacht Yard of Massachusetts and launched in 1938. She was destined for California waters. Before going she trounced the fleet in the Bermuda Race of '38 finishing more than 8 hours ahead of the rest of the fleet. Olin J. Stephens acted as navigator.

It was not a bad showing for S&S: in class A Baruna first, Avanti (design #85) second, Edlu II third (design #218). In class B Blitzen (design #221) took first with Rod Stephen, Jr. acting as navigator finishing 14 hours ahead of the rest of the class B fleet. And Santana (design #59) first schooner to finish.

Here are the plans.

Here she is converted to a sloop.

Principal Characteristics
LOA 72'-0"
LWL 50'-0"
Beam 14'-10"
Draft 9'-6"
Displacement 88,130 lbs
Ballast 38,350 lbs
Sail Area 2,342 sq ft


  1. Does anyone know what happened to Baruna? She was for sale on Yachtworld for so long and I happened to look for her the other day and she was gone. She was still there 2 weeks ago.

    1. The owner decided to keep her. If you are interested in seeing the boat I can actually give you the contact number.

    2. It is located on a end tie in front of Pacific Mariners Ycht club, I believe the owner have it soldbut he is still there on the weekends and working on it.

  2. I think she's an amazing beauty. Forget her rivals and/or others designed like and after her. This boat has captured my heart. I've never been on her decks or even seen her in real life but from what I've seen in pictures and what I've read- I have a real soft spot for her.

  3. Jack - please send me Baruna's owner contact info. I went to look at her about 1.5 years ago and would like to speak with him - Tim