Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Design 2273 - Flyer

This boat was designed for the Whitbread Round the World Race of 1977. Everything about her is primarily to create the best possible combination of seaworthiness and speed through the oceans under sail. Good habitability for a company of eleven aboard is apparent in general arrangement. Special care was taken to ensure dry sleeping for all hands.

Flyer won the race over 14 competitors that year.

She was built by Jachtwerf W. Huisman of Holland prior to their being awarded Royal Huisman status. The boat was launched in 1977. She is constructed of aluminum.

Here are the plans.

Principal Dimensions
LOA 65'-2"
LWL 49'-9"
Beam 16'-4"
Draft 10'-0"
Displacement 55,300 lbs
Ballast 25,000 lbs
Sail Area 1,827 sq ft


  1. Do you know who drew the lines for Flyer. I have
    a copy of the books, Lines.
    I believe the designer also worked on the lines for
    Dora IV , kialoa III,and also your dm22 ,the lines which
    are on this site.
    I cant make out the initials . Worked there 1970s
    Thanks Don

  2. Don,
    We have to admit, the initials are very difficult to read, even in the plan lists. We believe for these boats you have mentioned that the designer who developed these Lines Plans was a fellow named Marko Vukasovic.

  3. I do notice on the sailplan-arrangements for kialoa3 and dora4
    that there is a very clear block initial of MV. But the signature
    on the lines being more longhand is difficult to figure.
    I took a look at other lines and noticed that Baccara 1951
    and Running Tide 1969 have a similar drafting style and there the
    initials in a printing style show what does look like a m v or
    possibly a m y. Thanks for digging into this. I think it would be
    interesting to know about some of these designers who worked at some
    pretty high level.and yet who knows the name Marco vukasovic.

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