Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Design 291 - Good News

Our friends from the St. Francis Yacht Club of San Fransisco sent us this image of a model of Good News. This is a museum quality model that adds nicely to their collection. I have chosen the image above which is just when the model was nearing completion as you can see the level of detail and finish and it's easier to see without the Lexan case. The completed model has the full rig.

St. Francis has similar models of the following S&S boats:
Design #7, Dorade (1931 Rig)
Design #7, Dorade (1936 Rig)
Design # 59, Santana
Design #150, Elizabeth McCaw
Design #222, Baruna
Design #255, Chubasco
Design #711, Bolero
Design #1157, Alpha
Design #1265, Cordonazo
Design # 1713, Kialoa II

These are all well known West Coast racers.

Good News

Here are the plans.

Here's a fantastic plan entitled "Typical Sail Combinations for Ocean Racing". It clearly shows the flexibility of the yawl rig. Double click for zoom.

Good News was built by Nevins and launched in 1939.

Principal Dimensions
LOA 64'-6"
LWL 45'-0"
Beam 15'-5"
Draft 8'-10"
Displacement 65,843 lbs
Ballast 28,769 lbs
Sail Area 1,841 sq ft


  1. I just saw this blog. Wow, it does take me back. Good News was the first large yacht I'd sailed on, a long long time ago. When I knew Good News, her hull was a rather nice mahogany color. At least, that's what I remember. Thanks for this posting.

    -- Eric

    1. In 1960 it was gold color. Jack owned Purity Stores and LOVED to have Sea Explorer Scouts, like me, "crew" for him. Forgot to raise the centerboard when going up the Sacramento River. Swift.

  2. I sailed on Good News the winter of 1976-77 out of English Harbor Antigua. She was white and sloop rigged at the time having been modified in 1968.

  3. Any update as to her current whereabouts?

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