Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Design 739 - Indian Harbor Arrow Class

This one design class was developed for Indian Harbor Yacht Club of Greenwich, Connecticut in 1946 as a junior sailing class. The boats were built by Knutson of Huntington, New York. Note the early bulb keel.

Here is a small scale study plan.

And an article from Yachting magazine.

Principal Dimensions
LOA 18'-0"
LWL 16'-7"
Beam 5'-11"
Draft 3'-4"
Displacement 1,425 lbs
Ballast 500 lbs
Sail Area 160 sq ft


  1. was this design ever converted to a center board configuration? reh123456@gmail.com

  2. Robert,
    To my knowledge no, this has never converted to a centerboard boat.
    Bruce Johnson

  3. There was another Arrow class, a round-bilged center boarder about 18' long. I don't know who designed her or what the class history was, but there was a fleet of them racing at the Sheridan Shores Yacht Club in Wilmette, Illinois, a Chicago suburb, in the fifties.

    Paul J. Nolan

    1. The centerboard Arow class was designed by A. M. Deering of Chicago at the request of the commodore of Sheridan Shores Yacht Club in 1935. Mr. Deering's son, whose first name, I believe, was Robert (Bob), lived just down the block from us in Niles in the late fifties. He was in my father's generation and they would occasionally chat about boats and design on the commuter train into the city. F. S. Blanchard's book, The Sailboat Classes of North America, claims there was a 55 boat fleet of Arrows at the club, a number that sure impresses me, though they were practically dead and gone by my teenage years.

      Paul J. Nolan

    2. Hello, I believe that a small fleet of the Sheridan Shores Arrows is still active out of Wilmette. They have been built in FRP. There used to be (and may still be) one that was trailed each year to Larsen Marine in Waukegan for its annual refurbishing...a lovely boat in beautiful condition.