Thursday, March 17, 2011

Even More About 25' Center Console - Design 2758

Today I flew to Maine and did further sea trails on the 25' custom center console at Brooklin Boat Yard. I have blogged about this boat before (click here to read). What do I have to say about it? Don't schedule a completion date in Maine for mid winter. There were no docks in the water at the yard so they pulled out the smallest dinghy I have ever seen to get us out to the boat. Steve White and I looked at each other and decided we displace more than this dinghy so we had a guy row us out individually with about 3" of freeboard each.

It's a really nice boat. Almost finished. And if one is looking for a similar style production boat it's actually a good value.

Steve asked about final trials and turnover to the client and I replied "Let's schedule that around when you get the docks in the water." (the windshield will be delivered in 2 weeks).

Tomorrow I am going to the Maine Boatbuilders Show. I'll get back to you.

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