Monday, March 14, 2011

More About Design 1269 - Barunita

An owner was kind enough to send us these recent images of Barunita. See the posting of February 10, 1011 by clicking here. Thanks very much for sending these.


  1. Hi, ten years ago I worked in Barunita for two summer ..... Barunita is very beautiful motorsailer with a sensational interior and a very particular equipment, the movement in a short distance ( port ) was very simply ( in front of the boat of that period).

  2. HI, I will like to know more about Barunita life history and pictures.
    from Lavagna-Italy

  3. I worked on her in 1964, Long Beach Marina (California) she was owned by Mr Disney the GreyMarine engine distributor at the time.

  4. I worked on barunita in september 2016. The new owner is ruining the boat. I have many photos of the boat now, the owner as destroy this beautiful boat. He his a rich sweden who has no idea how to work in a boat. Anybody have to stop it. Write my at for more info and photos