Monday, March 21, 2011

Zwerver - Design 273

It's easy to differentiate between Zwerver shown above and Zwerver II (design #1142), even though they look very similar and both were built for the same owner. The original Zwerver has a fractional rig and the Zwerver (II) seen sailing and racing around New England for the past couple of years has a masthead rig. There are more differences: both are of "composite" construction but this design has alternating frames of oak and galvanized frames whereas Zwerver II has all galvanized framing.

This boat was built by the DeVries-Lentsch Shipyard in Holland. She was launched in 1939. (Zwerver II was launched post-war in 1956.)

The plans are in storage at Mystic Seaport and we don't have much on hand. The following is a scan of a microfiche film we have in our archives here. It's the construction plan and it does give a good impression of the boat.

Here is a current image, now named Khay Yam.

Principal Dimensions
LOA 60'-1"
LWL 43'-0"
Beam 12'-10"
Draft 8'-8"


  1. j Cjristian FandeuxApril 10, 2016 at 3:52 AM

    i am the ctual owner of Khayyam since 1991
    she is a marvellous sailing boat who give us a lot of pleasure from France to Caribbean islands ,mediterraneen sea ,Iceland ,Scotland ...
    Cruising and racing during all these years
    after a first big refit in 1992-1995 ,Khayyam is maintained regularly in good conditions each 3 years at Douarnenez in Britany (Shipyard Y and Y)

  2. Khayyam, Ex Zwerver, is now owned by our french company Khayyam Sailing Yacht.

    The boat is now at Y&Y Tanguy shipyard at Douarnenez for a full refit during winter.

    She will go from Douarnenez to St Tropez around April / May 2018 and she will then participate to many races in Mediterranean area.

    She will also be available for day charter.

    She will be based at Port Grimaud harbour.

    Marc Dorgnon

    More information on :